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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 11 Movies to Watch In 2011 Part 1

Top 11 Movies to Watch In 2011

1. The Hangover 2

Studio: Warner Bros.

Director: Todd Phillips (Starsky & Hutch, Road Trip, Old School, Frat House, The Hangover)

Cast: Zach Galifinakis, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Heather Graham, Justin Bartha

Scheduled Release Date: 5/26/2011

It doesn’t matter where I am, who I’m with, or what I’m doing, if I see “The Hangover” is on pay cable, basic cable, or a poster ad in the subway, I’m watching it all the way through to the end. I’ve been a fan of Todd Phillips ever since 2000′s “Road Trip” and it’s been a bucket list item of mine to have one unforgettable cameo in one of his movies. The entire main cast is confirmed to return and rumor is Zach Efron makes an appearance. Well, if Vanessa Hudgens can be in a Zack Snyder film, I don’t see why Zef can’t get absolutely abused in Hangover 2. I mean, he needs to be kicked, punched, spat on, vomited on, peed on, dragged through garbage, and pushed to the absolute limit of human suffering for the audience to get on board with him being in the film. Then, he saves the day (by sacrificing his life). Mel Gibson was also attached at one point, but dropped out after creeping everyone out and was replaced by Liam Neeson.

2. Super 8
Studio: Paramount

Director: J.J. Abrams (Lost, Cloverfield)

Cast: None announced.

Scheduled Release Date: 2011

I have a confession to make. I want to have J.J. Abrams’ baby. Yes, this even comes after the clusterf*ck that was the Lost finale. I lost days, weeks, and months at a time at work trying to figure out what the HELL Cloverfield was. I never watched Alias but moving forward if you want me to watch something, throw his name out there. I’ll bite. Not convinced yet? Not a JJA fan? I have two words for you: Spiel Berg. That’s right; the man who molded my childhood will produce what is sure to give theater audiences simultaneous orgasms. In true Abrams fashion, he’s not letting cats any out of any bags. All beans will remain unspilled. The only elements confirmed are the setting (1979), the genre (sci-fi, supernatural, mystery), and this radtastic trailer:

3. Thor
Studio: Paramount Pictures

Director: Kenneth Branagh (1996′s Hamlet, 1994′s Frankenstein, 1993′s Much Ado About Nothing, 1989′s Henry V)

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Rene Russo

Scheduled Release Date: 5/6/2011

I’m not comic book nerd, probably because I got ripped off on a bogus copy of Superman when I was in 6th grade, but, to me, Captain America ranks above Thor in popularity and awareness, yet this release seems to be hyped more. The movie poster alone gets the blood flowing. Kenneth Branagh as director? Interesting choice. He’s mostly helmed Shakesperean remakes, which I’d watch to skip reading the books/plays, but if he can bring that fiery acting intensity to a Hollywood blockbuster overflowing with CGI and special effects, you might be looking at the best Marvel pic of the bunch. If you’re only exposure to Thor is Adventures in Babysitting then you should probably know Thor is “a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war.” As punishment, he’s sent to Earth where he battles the most dangerous villain in the world, Spencer Pratt.

4. Red Riding Hood

Studio: Warner Bros.

Director: Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Lords of Dogtown, Thirteen)

Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Shiloh Fernandez, Carmen Lavigne, Jen Halley

Scheduled Release Date: 4/22/2011

Ever seen “Thirteen”? It stars Marilyn Manson plaything Evan Rachel Wood as bad ass jailbait who likes to steal stuff, take painkillers and get punched in the face. It’s heartwarming and uplifting. Anyway, Catherine Hardwicke directed that award-winning indie and now she has her sights set on lensing another adolescent girl, only this time the chick’s generally known in Fable Land as an airhead. Will David Johnson’s script give her more of an edge like this chick? Well, for starters she falls for an orphaned woodcutter (generally known as the bad boy of medieval townsfolk) and has to avoid / conquer a werewolf that terrorizes her village. Also, how awesome is Gary Oldman? he could play ever male role in this pic and nail it. Plus, film’s produced by Leo. That dude does not get involved in things that suck (unless it’s really really really smoking hot models).

5. Sucker Punch

Studio: Warner Bros.

Director: Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300, Dawn of the Dead)

Cast: Vanessa Hudgens, Carla Gugino, Jena Malone, Jon Hamm, Michael Jai White, Emily Browning

Scheduled Release Date: 3/25/2011

The producers describe this effort from Watchmen and 300 directors Zack Snyder as “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns” that blends dragons, B-52 bombers, and brothels. Um, I really have to wait ’til next f’n March to see this? Story follows “Baby Doll” (Emily Browning) who is imprisoned by her evil stepfather in a mental institution where he’s planned to lobotomize her in 5 days. To escape, she enters an alternate reality where she has to collect 5 objects before getting caught by some gnarly dude. She’s joined by her inmates as her imagination helps her make way in real life only to have the lines blurred. If there’s not a massive honey-drenched nude wrestling match in this, I will take umbrage, Mr. Snyder. Vanessa Hudgens‘casting kind of throws me off, but then I see Carla Gugino and Jena Malone and all is well. You better bring it Vanessa, and not in that cheerleader kind of way either.

6. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Director: David Fincher (The Social Network, Se7en, The Game, Benjamin Button)

Cast: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Robin Wright, Christopher Plummer

Scheduled Release Date: 12/11/2011

This is the American film adaptation of the novel of the award-winning crime novel by Swedish author and journalist Stieg Larsson, the first in his Millennium Trilogy, which became a best-selling series after his death in November 2004. It follows a middle-aged investigative journalist with the magazine Millennium who loses a Libel case against a corrupt Swedish industrialist and is sentenced to three months in jail. Unbeknownst to him, a troubled but brilliant 24-year-old hacker from a security firm keeps tabs on him while he looks into the murder of his former babysitter at the request of the rich industrialist. Murder. Intrigue. Rape. Cats. Dogs. Bulls. Bears. People from Connecticut. I haven’t met a girl yet who DOESN’T own this book. It’s a conversation starter and not a bad date movie. I know, rape in a date movie? What frat are you in?

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Free Horoscope for year 2011


Free Horoscope for year 2011

When I check my horoscope for 2011, I found that for me 2011 will be a mixed year. If you want check yours, you can find here in general 2011 Horoscope (Predictions) for all zodiac signs. In this part 1 you will find predictions for Aries, Taurus and Gemini

Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 - Apr 20)

Aries are ruled by the planet Mars, these individuals are exploratory in nature. They are born leaders who love their freedom. They have a candid in nature and are quite affectionate. Arians are very expressive, outspoken, alert, quick to make decisions and generous in nature. They are not afraid of challenges and are always glowing with energy. A significant characteristic of Aries individuals is that they are self-dependant and ambitious in nature.  More Info

Cancer Horoscope (Jun 22 - Jul 22)

For cancer people 2011 promises to be a good year.Year 2011 is the year of mixed fortune for the Cancer people. Problems related to complex financial, business or property situation will be resolved. You will have a good chance to get a nice job or switching job. The switch will be helpful in lifting your career to an entirely new level. Students seeking higher education will get admission to famous institutions of repute.Also the second quarter is going to be a very rewarding period for working women Read More

Capricorn Horoscope – (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

2011 is a positive year, although there will be some amount of hurdles and issues at times. An easy-going for the most part is in your forecast this year. 2011 will certainly be an eventful year for Capricorn people. This year, you are likely to see benefits and  Read more here

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Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 Celebrity Predictions

Here are some Celebrity Predictions for 2011
Kate Middleton will get pregnant.  And briefly look pregnant on the covers of tabloid magazines worldwide
Celebrity Predictions For 2011
Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim will squash their beef and release a hot duet.
Celebrity Predictions For 2011
Christina Aguilera will birth that baby by May 2011.
Celebrity Predictions For 2011
Somebody will quit/get fired/leave in scandal from “The View.” That show is also overdue for some drama.
Celebrity Predictions For 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift will break up. He’ll go on to date some completely inappropriate young Disney star. Lovato? Gomez?
 Celebrity Predictions For 2011

Celebrity Predictions For 2011Britney Spears will remain under her father’s control and will either marry boyfriend Jason Trawick or get pregnant again. The girl is overdue for some more drama.

When Lindsay Lohan moves to New York City, she’ll do something on Broadway or off-Broadway. Or at least try to and get told no
Celebrity Predictions For 2011

Jessica Simpson will announce her pregnancy, and then she and Eric Johnson will break up.
Celebrity Predictions For 2011
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Tips to Save more money in 2011

  1. To do this you need a separate bank account for your savings. I have chosen TD bank where I can withdraw the money at any time if I need, but you can use whatever bank you want. I’m not an expert and I accept feedback. Anyway, the point is that you should have a separate bank account for your savings, otherwise you’ll be tempted to spend them and it’ll be difficult to keep track.

  1. When your bank account is set up properly, put your first investment in it. It can be as little as $10-$20, or whatever you can afford. Those will be the first money toward your financial independence.

  1. After you made your first investment, decide in advance a day when each month you’ll put some money into your saving account. You can start with $10 a month if you want, but make sure that you put something each month. My advice is to choose a day just after you receive your paycheck in order for you to make less excuse.

  1. Month after month, as you begin to save more and more money and you feel comfortable doing it, increase the amount that you put into your savings account each month. For example, if you were previously saving $10 a month, you can increase to $20 or $30.

  1. When you receive extra money like CRA or bonus or you feel comfortable doing it, put what you can into your savings account. By the law of accumulation, even if you decide to save $100 a month, after one year you’ll have more like $2,000 rather than just $1,200.
  2. Finally, figure out how much money you need to live comfortable one month, including all the expenses that you currently have, and make a goal of saving the equivalent of six months worth of your expenses as soon as possible. It’ll probably take you one year or more to do this, but when that time will come you’ll be glad you started today.

  1. If you follow this system, I’ll guarantee that you’ll feel better, have less stress, and eventually reach financial independence in the long term.

  1. If for some reason during one month you have lots of expenses and you feel like you would not be able to save your usual amount of money, cut it in half, but save something anyway, even if it’s just $10. The process of doing it is always more important than the amount that you decide to save.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

2011 Expensive Cars

1. BMW 5 Series Sedan, $64,300

The recipe remains a tailored, serene interior, coupled with a ride that is both soothing and sporty. The driver decides by choosing Normal, Sport or Sport+ driving dynamics. The 5 Series was supple and controlled on the test track, with just-right steering feel. On rough roads nothing upsets it. The eight-speed auto transmission has a youthful growl under acceleration, which helps put the 5 series on the sporty side of luxury.

2. Mercedes Benz E350 BlueTEC Sedan, $70,651

The extra money gets you a slick diesel engine and lots of technology to keep the Benz from leaving the tarmac. Attention assist, drowsy alerts, lane departure warnings — the computer screen reads like a CNN broadcast. It’s elegant, modern and good-looking. .

3. Volvo S60, $60,004

I thought the S60 was a blast on the track, easy to pilot through tight spaces, but the Volvo didn’t have the deep luxury patina of the BMW and Benz. The seats are classic and beautiful, but the rest of the cabin is all about restraint and functionality.

4. Infiniti M, $63,496

The Infiniti M was out of the
Win Place
and Show money for good reason. Some bulgy body parts make the exterior stodgy, and the interior has a centre console that looks like it belongs in a van.
The steering was vague, but the ride was quiet. Features such as Active Noise Control and Forest Air Conditioning sounded promising.

5. Lexus IS350, $52,950

The Lexus IS350 was outclassed. It couldn’t compete with its rather pedestrian interior and okay-but-not-outstanding exterior. The luxury factor was lacking, but it was eager to be driven fast.

6. Audi A8, $128,200

The big Audi A8 had every available option — , more than $20,000-worth.
Luxed to the hilt, it insulates occupants from the grubby real world. 

7. Cadillac CTS Coupe, $56,612

The CTS Coupe lost points for visibility, comfort and access. It got high marks for exterior styling.
I agree, the gigantic doors are a liability in the wind, and it’s punishing to get into the backseat. Firm brakes, a great gearbox and good handling make it a half-good package.

8. Hyundai Equus, $62,999

Equus equals old-guy car. Hyundai is cribbing from Mercedes and Lincoln with this misfire, but it’s taking the wrong body parts. Though the Equus is quiet and powerful, a top of the line Genesis makes a better luxury statement
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 Best Minivans

2011 Best Minivans

Minivans represent one of the best vehicle and practicality-per-dollar purchases one can make. Most can tow 1,588 kg (comparable to many crossovers), they can seat 7 or 8 passengers or swallow standard-sized sheets of building materials with ease (and keep them dry in the process), and they often come standard with 240-plus horsepower V6 engines for less than what a similarly equipped (and far less versatile) 5-passenger sedan would cost. Since minivans are so important to Canadian consumers (we buy far more of them, proportionally, than our U.S. counterparts), AJAC decided to make an exception, and allow a head-to-head, two-vehicle Best New Minivan category for 2011.

1. Toyota Sienna LE, $28,900

I favoured the more driver-oriented Odyssey myself, but this newest Sienna wasn’t far behind.
The as-tested price difference between the Sienna LE (whose sole option was the upgrade to V6 power) and the top-of-the-line Touring version of the Odyssey was unquestionably a factor in its win.Toyota’s 3.5 litres “2GR-FE” V6 may be one of best V6 engines in the industry right now. Paired with the standard-equipment six-speed automatic, it works great in the Sienna.Even in base form the Sienna is well-equipped, with four powered windows, three-zone climate control, and 17” alloy wheels among its standard features. It also has a larger opening to the third row seats by virtue of its collapsing and forward-sliding second row, and the greater cargo capacity of these two challengers.

2. Honda Odyssey Touring, $46,990

The more expensively-optioned Odysseys made a good showing of themselves, with lower levels of road and engine noise, and superior chassis tuning for well-sorted steering, ride, and braking qualities.The Honda has a more spacious third row than the Toyota (headroom in particular) — a consideration if your regular complement of passengers includes more than four full-grown adult-sized people.While it lost to the Sienna in this forum, if you’re shopping in this segment, do yourself a favour and try out both.
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Monday, December 13, 2010

2011 Family Car Under $30,000

In family car Space for people and stuff, safety, economy, and reliability are the primary criteria in consumers' minds.Here are three cars which you can see for 2011.I love Volkswagen Jetta among three.

1. Volkswagen Jetta

Jetta stood out here with fuel consumptionm and understandably, you just can't beat a diesel.
Its transmission, with a Dual-Clutch Gearbox (DSG), gave the performance and economy of a manual with the comfort of an automatic.And its steering and handling was superior. There really seems to be something to this “German engineering” thing, even if Jetta is built in Mexico.

2. Hyundai Sonata

Sonata was fingered by some to be a strong contender for the Overall Car of the Year award, combining as it does strong scores in most of the traditional ‘Family Car’ attributes, with eye-catching styling inside and out.Its sales have also got off to a sensational start, but it still came in second t jetta.

3. Suzuki Kizashi

To me, this was one of the surprises in the entire field. I found it very well-built, nicely finished and a decent performer. It was also excellent value, with loads of standard features including four-wheel drive, a feature you’d think Canadian families would appreciate.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

2011 New Car Under $20,000

1. Ford Fiesta, $19,520

Fiesta is a “global” car, made and sold locally around the world; ours come from Mexico. It’s powered by a 1.6 L four-cylinder with six-speed automatic, which helps give it the best fuel economy numbers in the category. There’s also a driver’s knee airbag, voice activation for audio and phone functions, and Ford’s brilliant capless gas-filling system. The interior is handsomely designed, but Mazda’s flat rear-seat head restraints provide significantly better visibility.

2. Mazda2, $19,295
This is the car I thought should have won. Mazda2’s 1.5 L four-cylinder isn’t as powerful as Fiesta’s 1.6 L, but the Mazda weighs much less and is tuned for sportier handling. It’s slower off the line but actually feels peppier, and it’s far more fun to drive.

3. Volkswagen Jetta, $18,950

The larger Jetta sedan dwarfs its subcompact competitors, but its price put it in the category. Timeless styling and comfy roominess are nice, but its 2.0 L engine feels gutless and its base interior seems Spartan.

4. Scion xD, $18,100

Scion’s entry-level hatchback is cargo-friendly and filled with features, but its 1.8 L four-cylinder growls and its steering doesn’t feel smooth. It’s also the thirstiest of the five.

5. Scion xB, $19,290

The oddball styling isn’t nearly as fun and funky as the last-generation model sold in the U.S. Based on the Matrix, it’s spacious and handles better than expected for a tall wagon.

Conclusion: The Ford Fiesta and Mazda2 share the same basic architecture, but have different engines, styling and driving characteristics. Scion is Toyota’s entry-level, youth-oriented brand, while Volkswagen’s Jetta is a redesign of its popular compact sedan.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

2011 Free Horoscope (Predictions) Part 4

In this part you will find predictions for Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces
Capricorn Horoscope – (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
2011 is a positive year, although there will be some amount of hurdles and issues at times. An easy-going for the most part is in your forecast this year. 2011 will certainly be an eventful year for Capricorn people. This year, you are likely to see benefits and improvements in the areas of work and health. Astrologers, astronomers, researchers, educationists and the people working in media and medical line can enjoy recognition and achievements. It is recommended not to make any important decisions in your love life before June; after that your beloved will be highly supportive and you are likely to take this relationship to a new height.
Things that simply aren't working for you will become favorable on the domestic front. Investment in property may not be as fruitful as you expected. Invest only when it is unavoidable. Handling a property deal will require a lot of caution. It is better if you restrain yourself from entering into any such deal especially in the last quarter of the year. The key to success this year is your discretion, and this applies not only to finance and business, but to almost every area of your life. Take extra precautions while making any travel plans during the year end!
Career -Hard work and good luck will result into your career advancement. You might find a great opportunity which may make you to think of changing your job. February and July can bring some significant changes in your professional life. The last quarter of the year might depreciate your performance at your workplace.
Health-You might be suffering from some diseases in the starting of the year but you’ll find it disappearing by the middle of the third quarter of the year. Don’t neglect your health and consult your doctor in case of minor problems too. Beware in the month of July as it can bring some minor injuries for you.
Family-Socially you’ll remain active in all the events. Caring nature of the married couples will keep happiness in their relation but some arguments might get heated up in the month of April or May. You’ll find your family supporting you in all your major decisions.
Aquarius Horoscope – (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
2011 will see some amount of rise in pressures. The year 2011 calls for a little bit of extra care for the Aquarians which will, in turn, prove to be good for you. Communications, learning and social networking are the areas of your life which will undergo a major transformation in this year. On the professional front media people, IT technocrats and call center executives will find the situation in their favor. The atmosphere at office would be competitive at times and require you to handle important jobs with more responsibility than before. Your powers of concentration to tune into universal knowledge will help you manifest your highest dreams. On the romantic front, romance and new alliances look likely for those unattached. Investment in stocks and property should be strictly avoided in the first quarter of the year; though the second half of the year seems to be more fruitful for you. Long-standing family problems may be ironed out. Relationships with parents and other family members go well and this aspect will make sure that you stay happy throughout the year.
Career -This year will bring good opportunities in private as well as public field. Invest in real estate or in property as it can fetch you good profits in near future. You will get more respect from society due to your donating nature. You might have to face some small problems while working towards your goal.
Health -Health will remain good for the year but some complications may arise in between. Health complications are likely to disappear. You will realize your strengths and then apply them in your life. Avoid over eating and speak politely to everyone. Aggression can harm your health as well as relations.
Family-Cooperation in your family will bring sweetness in your relations with the loved ones. It would be good for you if you work in coordination with your parents and other members of your family. You will get the life partner according to your imagination that will bring a joy in your life. The last few days of the year might create some problems in the family.
Pisces Horoscope – (Feb 19 - Mar 20)
2011 would be better in principle, although hurdles would remain in place mostly on account of opposition to your ideas and career / home uncertainty. The year 2011 wants you to learn several lessons so as to realize your dreams to reality. At work, you may have to get after someone to get the job done. You may need to review the family spending pattern to curb wasteful expenditure. You are advised not to trust others on financial matters. Otherwise you will find yourself in the best financial state in your life. Health may need your attention. Some of the professionals may have to make some critical decisions due to situations in their life that may force them to make choices between career and family goals.
Romance may have to be kept in abeyance for some time. Businessmen would expand their ventures into new and more profitable avenues and persons in job especially in IT and Computers or Technical fields would be able to achieve the best. Stars are highly supportive and favorable to make Pisces people leap limitless in every walk of life. Chances are bright to gain substantially from a land deal.
Career-You will get good opportunities for improvements in career. You’ll get success right from the starting of the year. Travelling due to work might not prove to be successful and so travel only if it is unavoidable. August and September can bring some tensions in your life especially at your workplace. Handle the tough situations with a cool mind.
Health-Continue with your regular exercises that will give you a perfect health and will also keep you in best shape. Ups and downs can also arise through the year. Your positive attitude will help you think positively and so will keep you happy. You will get a sigh of relief from your eye problems. Look after your eating habits as it plays a major role in your health.
Family-Relations with your loved ones will be on a high note this year and so you will enjoy with your family. You’ll find your family members supporting you in all your major decisions. Your love partner will help you maintain fruitful relations in your family. Keep your nature cool as some arguments might arise in your family due to ancestral property.
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2011 Free Horoscope (Predictions) Part 3

In this part you will find predictions for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Libra Horoscope – (Sep 23 - Oct 22)
For Libra people good health will help you maintain almost the same energy throughout the year. On love front be careful in your communication with your partner. Take little care and you will be on top of your health. Your strong immune system will keep all diseases at bay. Businessmen would expand their ventures into new and more profitable avenues. IT and Computers or fields’ people will reap greater benefits for the efforts put in during this period. Overall the year 2011 promises to be an excellent year for financial and career growth. Monetary position will be favorable and might give you the opportunity to pay old debts. Real Estate or are in Property business should expect moderate monetary gains in the third quarter of the year; though the situation will improve for better during the last quarter. In the end of year trips to abroad is expected.
Career -If you are planning for a job change then you will get good opportunities coming your way. Think well before taking any big decisions on the business front. Success will finally knock at your door after a few hurdles. You might face some small problems at your workplace due to your competitors.
Health-You will remain energetic and full of confidence this year. Your energetic nature will help you at your work also. Your health problems from your past will be removed and thus you’ll get a perfect health. Control your anger and try to remain happy.
Family-Happiness in your family will lead to your well being. Your loved ones will help you in improving your lifestyle. The second quarter of the year might bring some misunderstandings among your father and brother. You need to walk in coordination with your family to achieve success.
Scorpio Horoscope – (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
Year 2011 is more or less favourable for those born under this sign in most of the fields. Your energy will boost your confidence extraordinarily. On the professional front, you will be able to maintain your position by keeping a watchful eye on the happenings. Though some minor arguments and confrontation might occur at times with the family members due to the difference of opinion but you will smoothly sail through. Overall your family front seems good and you can expect full cooperation from your family throughout the year. Second half of the year some good news can be expected for the arrival of a new member in the family. On the health front you need not worry much if you look after yourself well and in time. Being a health conscious person, you will be able to take care of your other family members. No major hurdles in professional and financial front are foreseen and you shall enjoy this year with lot more energy and confidence as compared to the previous year.
Career-Teachers and astrologers will find this year good for them. Happiness will flow for them in all directions. Upon starting a new business, you might find some difficulties but your hard work will ultimately result into success. Opportunities related to international business might come your way. Some tensions will bring in your workplace due to tough competition.
Health-In 2011 your star will fulfill you with strength, happiness, energy and good health. This will help you to work with more concentration at your workplace. Ups and downs might arise during the third and quarter part of the year. Right exercise will help you to get out of all the tensions of your life. Overall health will remain fit and fine.
Family-Happiness will prevail in your family from the starting of this year. Students will find success in their studies that will make you happy. Travelling out with your family to some religious place will relieve you of all your tensions and make you happy. Your wife will help you to maintain good relations with your family members.
Sagittarius Horoscope – (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
2011 would be a much better year as lot of issues getting resolved, while mind would get clearer as the year progresses. Year 2011 opens on a balance note for Sagittarius people with a few pros and cons. Your confidence and energy level would be very high throughout the year. You may increase your knowledge and skills, and would also find much enjoyment in doing so. Friends, colleagues and relatives could be especially helpful. Your romantic life will be more colorful and rich this year. At times of uncertainty, you will benefit from establishing a comfortable home life. Getting creative with your home can bring you a greater sense of emotional stability.
The year seems to be highly significant for those in the field of Education, Engineering and Medicine. On the health front you will be secure if you follow your daily regimen of jogging, gym and yoga. Your overall state of mind seems to be stable and productive. Mundane tasks capture your attention, but the urge to get out and about is bound to grab hold of you. Those who want to invest in the Real Estate Sector should tread their path very carefully. Do check all the legal formalities before entering into any land or property agreement.
Career-No matter in what profession you are but you will find success from all fronts. You might get an opportunity from a renowned company to join them at a leading position. The journey to a successful future will continue along with your hard work. Investment in property will get you good profits.
Health-You will notice a different kind of energy in your body this year. Positive energy will flow through your body that will also help you out in your work. Take appropriate break from work else you might feel exhausted and tired. Travelling to some religious place will remove tensions from your life. Your body and soul will keep glowing throughout the year giving you all round happiness.
Family-Love and peace will flow among the family members. Your pleasant nature will attract your parents as well as other members of your family. Times could be stressful during certain period of the year. Try to give enough time to your family as they need you. Don’t bring work from your office to your home as it will affect your personal life.
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2011 Free Horoscope (Predictions) Part 2

For cancer people 2011 promises to be a good year.Year 2011 is the year of mixed fortune for the Cancer people. Problems related to complex financial, business or property situation will be resolved. You will have a good chance to get a nice job or switching job. The switch will be helpful in lifting your career to an entirely new level. Students seeking higher education will get admission to famous institutions of repute.Also the second quarter is going to be a very rewarding period for working women, as there seem to be new opportunities to improve career prospects and prove their mettle. If you exercise daily your health will be fine. On the romance front you will be on best of relations with your partner. To enjoy good marriage you should take care to respect the feelings of one another. You can make good money by investmenting in real estate. Journey to a hill station or religious place will give you much needed peace of mind.
Career-Professional will get lot of good career opportunities. Your hard work will pay you and will find yourself successful at various areas. You might face some problems while dealing internationally in your business. The period from April to October will support your activities.
Health-This year you will notice an increased level of energy in your body that will help you in doing your work more efficiently. You’ll remain powerful and also in best shape. You might be a bit lazy during certain parts of the year but do not let your laziness dominate you. Regular exercises will help you remain fit and fine.
Family-For Cancer people, 2011 family life will be good. Your relation with your wife and your children might need some more time to come on the right track. You will enjoy a religious event in your house. You will find yourself closer to your father. Your cool and soft nature will attract people from all over
Leo Horoscope – (Jul 23 - Aug 22)
In beginning of 2011 Leo people find new challenge due to combination of negativity and low confidence. But in year end better luck will bring good period of energy. The year brings with itself fortune that will help you to imply some creativity in your business. Your professional life will be more dynamic as compared to the last year. Financial position will be more or less same as the last year. Spend money wisely and stop those unnecessary expenses. You need not worry on the health front, but do go for morning walk. Your energy level would remain on top throughout the year that adds an extra star to your unmatched charm and helps you stay cheerful most of the time. You may find yourself falling in love with someone but use some caution in this respect. You may decide to buy a new vehicle for children in the middle of the year. Family front seems to remain fine with support from loved ones. The people you meet this year will stir you into new ways of thinking. Later in the year you would be receiving good news from siblings or close relatives. Journey to a hill station will release all your tensions.
Career-You will get lot opportunities later this year. Your personal as well as professional life will find solutions to all the hurdles coming your way. Science Professionals will get more respect from the society. Fashion and beauty Business might find some problems in expanding.
Health-Your health will be better as compared to the previous year. This will support you in your work that will bring you good profits also. The middle of the year might make you a bit lazy that can affect your personal life. Try to maintain a good balance between your work and your family.Avoid any arguments in works otherwise this will affect your health.
Family-You will enjoy with your family in all respects. Some religious and positive events might take place at your house. There is chance of having marriage in your family. You will get more support from your father and brother. Keep your anger cool against your family members.
Virgo Horoscope – (Aug 23 - Sep 22)
In the year 2011, the stars seem to favor Virgo individuals completely. Learning, work and romance figure highly in the year ahead. Signs to worry on the health front are not seen as such, but do take all the necessary precautions along with your jogging and exercise schedule. Business men would expand their ventures into new and more profitable avenues.Persons working in IT and Computers or Technical fields would be able to achieve the best of results during the second quarter of the year.
Doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs will find new opportunities for a change. In the end of year you may get a job abroad. Your family front seems good and you can expect full cooperation from your near and dear ones. Financially, there will be a smooth going but doing a property deal needs a good concentration and resources. On the romantic front there will be win-win result for both of you. Trust and tolerance will be the magic ingredients to help you realize your dreams throughout the year.
Career- Virgo people working in banking, arts and music will have to work hard to get success. More concentration and planning are required in the work place. Some hurdles might come your way but you will be able to find success irrespective of these problems. Some profitable deal might come your way.
Health- Regular exercises and meditation will help keep fit and fine. You will be able to get rid of an ailment that you are suffering for a long time. Your positive attitude will encourage you to move forward in life. Some skin diseases will also get cured during the middle of the year.
Family- Your relationship will Ups and downs. Misunderstandings between your father and brother will vanish away. You might need their useful suggestions to solve some of your problems. Married couples might face some problems during the first half of the year. The elders of your family will support you in your decisions.
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2011 Free Horoscope (Predictions) Part 1

When I check my horoscope for 2011, I found that for me 2011 will be a mixed year. If you want check yours, you can find here in general 2011 Horoscope (Predictions) for all zodiac signs. In this part 1 you will find predictions for Aries, Taurus and Gemini

Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 - Apr 20)

Aries are ruled by the planet Mars, these individuals are exploratory in nature. They are born leaders who love their freedom. They have a candid in nature and are quite affectionate. Arians are very expressive, outspoken, alert, quick to make decisions and generous in nature. They are not afraid of challenges and are always glowing with energy. A significant characteristic of Aries individuals is that they are self-dependant and ambitious in nature.
·        2011 would be a dynamic and positive year; you will get some great achievements at work
·        Healthwise you would remain tension free.
·        Expectations from your family may bring some tensions.
·        Your ability to handle the complexities in your profession would be significantly enhanced this year
·        Your co-workers or employees will help in bad times. Any type of service that you may provide is likely to prove beneficial for you.
·        Students would do good with high grades and remarkable academic success with minimum efforts.
·        Romance and new relationship is on the cards for those who are not committed yet.
·        There are strong chances of owning a house, this year.
·        Journeys to a distant place, maybe overseas, would fetch favorable returns, provided you learn to put in your best foot forward.
·        You would be able to raise the winning flag confidently in the areas where you have struggled in past.
·        In 2011 stars favor to provide you with perfect health and energy. Make sure you stay away from all kinds of arguments, as it could affect your health.
·        Small injuries might hit you if you don’t take proper care of yourself.
·        In 2011 make sure you avoid any arguments with your family.
·        Your parents would remain happy from your support and would even be supportive for your decisions. However, around the last quarter of the year, you might get depressed due to the slow progress of your kids.

Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 - May 20)

Venus is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Taurus. Taureans are generally characterized as slow and methodical individuals, usually practical in their approach. Once determined, they have incredible will power to achieve things and exert a lot of self discipline over themselves. Taurean individuals have a relaxed and laid back temperament and are generally warm and loving in nature. They usually have an artistic bent of mind and are great lovers of music, art and beauty. They also love to travel and explore new places.

·        2011 will bring lot of new challenges for Taurus people. Your new year will be start with a growth and gain in your life.
·        You will find solutions for even the most significant problems. Professionals might find some situations not favorable at times.
·        However, by doing your work honestly and watching your words, you would be able to overcome all the hurdles at the workplace. Work hard so that your seniors as well as your subordinates feel contended with your work.
·        On the romantic side you would find you and your partner at the peak of your relationship.
·        You shall also find the things in your favor, in your family. Chances of a good proposal for marriage are on the cards.
·        In 2011, you would be free from worries related to your health and would find yourself fully charged up with optimistic energy.
·        If you succeed in channelizing this positive energy in the activities you perform, you would find that all the stars coming for support.
·        The year 2011 is good for finance, for Taurus individuals. Invest your money wisely so that you will able to reap huge benefits. Do take care of yourself and your possessions while traveling. You should avoid unnecessary trips during the second half of the year.
·        Taurus individuals would find more career opportunities coming their way. Utilize these opportunities as they would lead you to a bright future. Don’t stop making sincere efforts.
·        Keep working hard towards your goal. However, those Taurus individuals who are into footwear business might face some problems this year.
·        In the year 2011, the positioning of stars would support you in keeping yourself fit and healthy. Your good health would support you to think positively and move ahead in life. However, you might feel a bit sluggish in the middle of the year. Keep yourself fit by doing some good exercises in the mid of the year 2011.  
·        In 2011, you should maintain a healthy atmosphere in your family, as your family members could support you in your decisions.
·        Try to do some social work; this will increase the respect for you in the society.

Gemini Horoscope – (May 21 - Jun 21)

Gemini is Ruled by the planet Mercury, and are, witty, entertaining individual, adaptable to all situations and circumstances. Gemini individuals have a lively and friendly nature. Having a happy temperament, they can be best defined as free souls. They have an optimistic outlook towards life and are sociable, imaginative and versatile, ready to take up new activities. A Gemini is a great story teller, having an aptitude to make life a little more appealing for everyone

·        For Gemini people, 2011 would be a positive year.You will find very good growth prospects and a jump in more earning after May 2011. You will see many changes in year 2011.
·        You would be able to assert yourself with people more easily, in order to improve your own personality.
·        Healthwise, the year 2011 would prove to be one of the best years in your life, when you would find solution for most of your health related problems. You would maintain a positive energy level throughout the year. Your body and soul both would remain in good shape. You would enjoy the best health this year as compared to the people you know.
·        Real estate would show a good growth. Later in the year 2011, you are most likely to acquire a new property.
·        Good time for people working in automobile industry, cotton industry or import-export related sector.
·        Gemini individuals might get several good opportunities in the second quarter of the year to proceed towards expansion. Such an initiative would bring with itself a remarkable boom in your professional life. The third quarter would be beneficial for pursuing universities education abroad. Good time to visit a pilgrimage or distant journey towards the end of the year.
·        Year 2011 will be good for Professionals like writers, lawyers and managers.
·        Some great career opportunities would also come for such professionals.
·        Do not start a new business as you will face some problems. Investments made in 2011 would fetch good profits in the near future.
·        You would defeat your enemy in all the activities, due to your vigilance and positive energy. If you are suffering from small pain, then consult your doctor immediately to avoid serious health issues.
·        In 2011, your wife and your children would help you in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere at home.
·        Enjoy some religious events in your family. You might try to convince your father on some issues. In middle of 2011 your family member might get upset from you.
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