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Monday, July 28, 2014

Which one is best deal Pass to see New York top attractions - CityPASS or New York Pass?


Save more Money to See New York in 2014

you are planning to see good places in big apple and also want some saving, you must read my article. There are two discount passes that you can purchase before you go to New York. The New York CityPASS and, the New York Pass. With both of these passes you can visit top attractions. But which pass should you choose?

Which one is best deal Pass to see New York top attractions - CityPASS or New York Pass?
First of all it is good to know for how long you will be visiting New York and how long you wish to spend visiting attractions (and not for example cycling in Central Park). This will determine which pass is best for you. The New York CityPASS is easy to use and valid for nine days from the time of its first use. In contrast, the New York Pass is available for one, two, three, five or seven calendar days from the time of its first use.

Which one is best deal Pass to see New York top attractions - CityPASS or New York Pass?

What are top attractions includes in these passes?

Both passes are a lot cheaper than buying separate tickets for each of the attractions. If you visit the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock and take a boat tour with the New York CityPASS then you’ll have saved a lot on the normal rates. With the New York Pass you will have saved 50% if you visit Madame Tussauds and the New York Skyride and take the Shearwater Harbor cruise. One of the great advantages of the New York CityPASS and the New York Pass is that you can skip the queues and save a lot of time. If you are in New York for only one or two days then the New York CityPASS is for you. With this pass you can visit 6 top attractions including the Top of the Rock and the Museum of Modern Art. On the other hand, the New York Pass is only profitable if you are in New York for more than three days and if you are planning to see, do and visit a lot. Because you can visit as many as 80 attractions, you are guaranteed to have a busy schedule!
new york pass
The New York CityPASS and the New York Pass both include entrance to the famous sights and attractions of New York: the Empire State Building, the Top of the Rock, the Statue of Liberty and the famous museums such as the Guggenheim and the MoMa. The New York Pass also includes entrance to some of the less known attractions such as the New York Hall of Science, the Staten Island Botanical Garden and the Fraunces Tavern.

Which one is best deal Pass to see New York top attractions - CityPASS or New York Pass?

Because of this, the New York Pass is really suitable for those who have visited New York more than once.

As for pricing, considering the possibility of visiting 6 attractions in 2 days, the New York CityPASS is cheaper. But the two passes shouldn’t be compared as such as they each offer something different.

In summary:
New York CityPASS
New York Pass
Valid for 9 days
Valid for 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 days
CAD $ 121
$85, $130, $153, $153 or $196 (depending on days)
6 attractions
80 attractions
15% discount at Bloomingdale’s
Add the Hop on Hop of bus
Extra discount coupon
Book with 180 pages of information

On my own experience I will recommend New York CityPASS.
Why-It’s cheaper and easier but especially suitable for people who want to see the highlights of New York for the first time.

Please check out these links for more info…

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Monday, July 21, 2014

How to prepare your KID to get A+ in school and college


Cool tips to get Grade A plus in school and University

This is my new article on Back to School (BTS) deals and ideas. In this artcile you will see how to prepare your beloved kids to get Grade A plus all the time…

How to prepare your KID to get A+ in school and college
First week of Sept will be a first day of school in many places in North America. All parents want their son and daughter to do well in school. Preparing for exams takes good study habits and a little common sense. Plan specific things to do which will help you study the material rather than just thinking what you need to study in general. All students should avoid the word, study which means everything and nothing. Think this way that I have 1/2 hour so I’m going to do 3 practice questions. The more you’re actually doing with the material the better you’ll grasp it. Taking breaks is good idea but be wary of letting yourself slip into laziness.

Here are some easy tips to get A+

How to prepare your KID to get A+ in school and college

Tip 1 to get A+- Read and Write many times

Read over the notes a couple of times and then summarize it in your own words. Writing it down might help store it into the long-term memory.

Tip 2 to get A + More Review

Review your notes after each class. This way you’ll retain and understand information better when it’s still fresh in your mind.

Tip 3 to get A + -Weekly reviews of all subject

How to prepare your KID to get A+ in school and college
Do weekly reviews of what you’re learning and approach your professor or teaching assistant with those issues which you do not understand. If you wait those problems will be difficult to understand near you exam.

Tip 4 to get A + - Academic support from counselors

Make use of school resources for studying and academic support. Consult school counselors as they can offer you some learning and study strategies you may not have tried before.

Tip 5 to get A + -Advance Study every week

Start studying at least one week before any mid-exam and at least 2-3 weeks in advance of a final exam to give you an enough time to master the material.


Tip 6 to get A + - Use of more Cue-cards

Convert all sub-headings in a chapter into exam type questions. Use cue-cards with pre-written topics and questions to quiz yourself.

Tip 7 to get A +- Use of more Acronyms to remember difficult stuff

Use memory aid and acronyms to remember challenging data.

Step 8 to get A +- - Always follow a Routine

Have a routine the night before an exam. Check where the exam is being held, prepare a lunch or breakfast in advance, find something that helps you relax before you go to bed.

Step 9- to get A +- Use trick to memorize certain sequences

Use your imagination in best possible way to memorize certain sequences, equations, years, or any ordered data. This will help you memorize and recall. For example, the six noble gases that occur naturally are helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe), and the radioactive radon (Rn).
Now to remember their symbols, just imagine something like this happening: when He come Ne Ar (near), I became Kr Xe (crazy) and Rn (ran). . Now if you remember this picturization, you will remember symbols easily.
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Free Personnel Test Sample Questions for all Accounting Jobs in 2017


Free Personnel Test Sample Questions

After the success of my articles on Wonderlic Free Personnel Test Sample Questions and Administrative Jobs Practice Sample question, I will create this article for practice tests in accounting jobs.

Free Personnel Test Sample Questions for all Accounting Jobs in 2017

Accounting - Multiple Choice Tests

Free Personnel Test Sample Questions are aimed at levels 1 and 2. 

 Level 1 - Basic Awareness

Description of Test:

A multiple choice test that measures proficiency level 1, containing 33 questions where you choose the correct answer from among 4 choices.
Time limit for test: 40 minutes

What is measured?

Accounting principles, techniques and/or practices, including: the purpose and interrelationship of financial statements (i.e., balance sheet, income statement), general ledger, journal entries, and CICA Handbook
  Pass Mark: You must score 17 or greater to attain level 1 proficiency.
Level 2 - Basic capability

Free Personnel Test Sample Questions for all Accounting Jobs in 2017

Description of Test:

A multiple choice test that measures proficiency level 2, containing 33 questions where you choose the correct answer from among 4 choices.
Time limit for test: 40 minutes
What is measured: Accounting principles, techniques and/or practices, including: financial statements, journal entries
GAAP, Books of Account, and Organizations
Pass Mark: You must score 18 or greater to attain level 2 proficiency.
Free Personnel Test Sample Questions for all Accounting Jobs in 2017

Sample Test Questions:

Accounting Multiple-choice test

Practice questions have been provided for the technical competency accounting. Try the test. Answers are provided in the end.
Level 1
Question 1
All of the following items are considered part of the owner's equity, EXCEPT:
a. capital
b. drawings
c. net income
d. dividends
Question 2
The purpose of a balance sheet is to:
a. show the financial position of the business on a particular date
b. show the net income for a particular period
c. show the fair market value of the business on a particular date
d. summarize all accounting transactions for the year
Question 3
Chris, the owner of a french fry proprietorship, obtains a loan from the bank for a down payment on a cottage.  How should this be reflected on the financial statements of Chris's French Fries?
a. asset
b. liability
c. asset and liability
d. none of the above
Question 4
The correct sequence of presentation of items on the income statement is:
a. revenue, expenses, extraordinary items
B .expenses, revenue, extraordinary items
c extraordinary items, revenue, expenses
d .extraordinary items, expenses, revenue
Question 5
Net income equals:
a. assets - liabilities
b. liabilities - owner's equity
c. revenue + expenses
d. revenue - expenses
Question 6
Financial statements are used by:
a.creditors authorities
d.all of the above
Question 7.
 The posting reference in the ledger tells:
a.the page of the ledger that the account is on
b.the date of the transaction
c.whether it is a debit or a credit entry
d.the page of the journal where the entry can be found


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Monday, July 7, 2014

Tricks to use best online portals for all Travel Deals and saving in 2014


Top online website to get best deals in 2014

This is my new article on vacation in 2014. In this article you will see the best online website to get best deals.

Why to use online travel websites?


Last minute deals

Online travel websites offer a lot of benefits. For example, if you've just learned that a sudden trip is necessary, you can find last minute deals for transportation and lodging. If you're interested in a special kind of travel, like a theme cruise or vacation package, you can find all the available options in minutes online. Or, suppose you want to fly to Europe for sightseeing, then to the Middle East for a camel ride across the desert, then cruise to Florida for a canoe trip in the Everglades, then take a train home.
Tricks to use best online portals for all Travel Deals and saving in 2014

Best Rate more saving

You can find the best rates for each part of your trip and plan your entire itinerary with the right online travel site. These sites offer you a world of travel which can be narrowed down to exactly what you're looking for. No more need to spend hours doing all the searching yourself or dealing with a travel agent or airline.


Easy to get good deals

Travel sites have been around for more than a decade, but now they are at a turning point. A new type of site has evolved; the travel search engine, or 'aggregator.' This type of site makes your already-easy travel searching even easier. Suppose you're looking for the least expensive flight across the country leaving in exactly three days. Or perhaps you want to find the most luxurious canoe trip through the Florida Everglades on Valentine's Day.

Tricks to use best online portals for all Travel Deals and saving in 2014

Travel search engine Benefits

Type in what you want on a travel search engine such as Smarter Travel or Kayak, and it will search through hundreds of travel-related sites such as Priceline and Travelocity to present you with all the available options. Now you don't even have to search one by one through online travel sites; the aggregators even do that for you!

What to look in travel site?

Tricks to use best online portals for all Travel Deals and saving in 2014 

Industry experts agree that no single travel site always has the lowest prices. If you want to find the absolute best deal, start with a meta-search site that includes hundreds of other travel sites. Although meta-search sites link to booking travel sites, you might conduct the same search at these sites individually to see whether you get the same results. One shortcoming of travel sites is they often exclude regional airlines; therefore, Time magazine recommends checking the airport website to identify regional carriers that might offer more affordable flights.
Experts and users offer the following advice about using a travel booking site:
1. Sort search results by price
 Search results don't necessarily appear sorted by price. The default sort order may list preferred providers first. Check prices on additional pages and look for the option to change the sort order.
2. Contact the service provider.
To avoid unforeseen problems, you may want to contact the airline, hotel or rental car company to review policies before booking, or at least read the policies posted at the website. For example, airlines charge different fees to make a change or check baggage; hotels might require deposits and rental car companies might not accept debit cards.
3. Understand detail fees.
 Although major travel sites advertise "no fee" to book flights, it's important to read the fine print. There may be a fee for flights with multiple carriers, hotels, blind bids, international trips, package deals and in certain other situations. Note whether the prices in the search results include taxes and fees, because some sites don't reveal those charges until you begin the booking process.
4. Review policies and cancellation clauses.
Even if the booking site advertises "no fees to make changes or cancel a reservation," you will be required to pay fees that the service provider charges. In the case of booking non-refundable travel, it can be nearly impossible to cancel or make changes, especially on bidding travel sites.
5. Notice changes in pricing.
No price is final until the travel is booked. says it's not uncommon for fares to jump in price, have hidden fees or become unavailable when you begin the booking process. Verify the price through every screen in the booking process, especially after entering a travel voucher.
6. Verify the email confirmation is correct.

Carefully review all the details in the email, because it may be difficult to make last-minute corrections. When purchasing a package deal, make sure you have a confirmation number for each component. If you don't receive an email confirmation, call the company to make sure the travel was booked.
7. Remove traces of previous searches.
Because pricing is dynamic, two people conducting the same search may get different results. Experts say you may need to reset browser settings or delete "cookies" to ensure that you are getting the lowest fare. You might even conduct the same search with two different browsers.
8. Sign up for fare alerts.
If you aren't ready to book, many travel sites allow you to sign up to receive daily or weekly fare updates via email. Experts also say airlines tend to announce sales on Tuesday, which makes it a good day to start looking for cheap flights. A few sites also offer price alerts on hotels.
Top website to use get best rate

  1. Why to use Kayak

By a large margin, most reviewers identify as the best site to begin researching travel options. After entering your search parameters, scours service providers, booking sites like and… expands international sites to come up with the best offers on flights, hotels, rental cars and cruises. Like other search-only sites, links you directly to the site offering the travel option you select. For flights, provides historical fare information to help you pick the right time to fly. Additionally, Kayak's system will send email alerts about changes in flight and hotel prices relating to your specific travel plans.
•Searches for all types of travel
•Compiles results from 200-plus travel sites
•Historical airfare information
•Alerts for airfare and hotel price changes
•Apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry
•Not a travel booking site
•Prices may be obsolete

This is second part of my blog post on ow to use Top website for all amazing travel deals and saving. In this part you will see some more free travel websites.

  1. Yapta

Although is limited to searching for flights and hotels, it earns attention for doing something no other search-only site does -- tracking flights after the tickets have been purchased. If the price drops enough… expandto cover any re-ticketing fees, sends out an email alert. This site uses the same flight search engine as, but it has a different twist on tracking airfare prior to booking. You can request an email alert if the price drops for a specific flight on a specific airline, whereas sends the lowest fares based on travel dates and cities
Best airfare tracking
•Same flight search as
•Email alerts about airfare changes
•Price tracking after booking airfare
•Airfare refunds assistance on price drops
•Not a booking service
•Search for flights and hotels only
•Mobile app for iPhone only

  1. Why to use

When it comes to booking a hotel, experts say the 130.000 worldwide properties available through are unmatched by or any other site. This site also allows users to search by landmark or address. offers numerous filters to narrow down these properties to the ones with the price, location and hotel rating you seek. You can also consult hundreds of guest reviews and ratings for most properties. Should you find a lower price online within 24 hours of booking, will refund you the difference. doesn't charge an additional fee to make a change or even cancel a reservation, but the property may impose fees of its own, and you are still liable for those. Although features other types of travel searches, experts prefer, which also offers email alerts about price changes and mobile apps, for those.
We found the best reviews for at PC World and We also read about two dozen user reviews at is the top pick for hotel reservations at, though that evaluation is older.

Best for booking hotels
•Searches more than 130,000 properties
•Unusual search criteria
•No fees for changes or cancellations
•24-hour price match guarantee
•Guest reviews
•No price alerts
•No mobile apps

  1. Why to use

If you don't mind a little uncertainty, can deliver significant travel savings, reports say. However, the catch is that Priceline's best deals are available through blind bidding. You won't know the full details of the flights you've booked or the hotels you've selected until the bids you've placed on them have been accepted and paid for. That said, users still have some control -- you do get to specify a hotel's rating and general neighborhood, and has instituted guarantees that light times, connections and layovers won't be unreasonable. also has a standard booking engine that works just like those at other major travel sites, such as If you don't like the idea of bidding, experts say that does the best job of scouring booking sites -- including the company sites of airlines and hotel chains -- to find the best deals.
Although is recommended in quite a few sources, the praise is strictly for the bidding aspects of the site, rather than using it to book travel at published prices. It's included in a recent list of best travel sites at Travel and Leisure magazine as well as in a slightly older list of top travel sites at We found other favorable reviews for at and

Best for discounted rooms
•Booking of all types of travel
•Steep discounts through blind bidding
•Apps for iPhone and Android
•No refunds or changes on blind bids
•No alerts for price changes

  1. Why to use

Although users can't book flights or reservations through, it's one of the most popular sites for reviews of hotels and attractions. Experts and amateurs alike appreciate the huge archive of reviews on this travel site, and say that the accompanying photographs and ranking system come in handy when choosing which hotels and attractions to book in advance. Most also point out, however, that a critical eye is needed when evaluating certain glowing reviews, as many could be fake. TripAdvisor also includes a search engine for hotel bookings and flights that is similar to but falls short in terms of features and number of sites searched. is recommended quite often for its reviews on hotels and other travel destinations, rather than its search capabilities. is included in two lengthy compilations of travel sites at Travel and Leisure magazine and It's also recommended by We found older reviews of at The Washington Post and More than 50 user reviews at round out the picture for this travel site.

Best for traveler reviews
•Millions of guest reviews available for hotels and attractions
•Includes maps, photographs and recommendations
•Allows users to search and compare rates from other travel sites
•Navigation can be challenging at times
•Quality and usefulness of reviews varies
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