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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2014 Yearly Free Horoscope (Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces)


Free 2014 Horoscope Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces

This is third part of article on 2014 Free Horoscope. In this part you saw the details forecast Aeries Taurus and Gemini. In this article you will see three more signs-Libra, Scorpion and Sagittarius.

2014 Free Horoscope (Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces)

Free Libra Horoscope (September 23 to October 22)

In 2014 your financial situation will not improve remarkably. Why? On 6 October 2012, Saturn has entered your solar second house of income where he will stay until 24 December 2014. If you have been in any way naughty about paying off your credit card, living beyond your means or not saving for a rainy day, Saturn may teach you some yucky lessons about the need to save and invest your wealth. You may create a budget, refinance your mortgage, cut up your credit cards, start an investment plan or look at ways to bring in more income for the first time. You’ve been enduring a reduced or drip-fed cash flow for so long now that you may want to continue to recycle, reuse, re-gift and restore items to get the maximum use out of them. You may even choose to make a little sidelines business on eBay o on the well-starred 1 January 2014, selling items that you either have no need for or, with some loving attention, can turn into an object of beauty or usefulness


Libra- Jobs and Career in 2014

The sign of Cancer is on Libra’s 10th house (of career) cusp; the Moon is Libra’s career planet. The Moon is by far the speediest, most changeable planet in the horoscope. It alone among all the planets travels through the entire zodiac – all 12 signs and houses – every month. This is an important key to the way in which Librans approach their careers, and also to what they need to do to maximize their career potential. The Moon is the planet of moods and feelings – Librans need a career in which their emotions can have free expression. This is why so many Librans are involved in the creative arts. Libra’s ambitions wax and wane with the Moon. They tend to wield power according to their mood.

The Moon ‘rules’ the masses – and that is why Libra’s highest goal is to achieve a mass kind of acclaim and popularity. Librans who achieve fame cultivate the public as other people cultivate a lover or friend. Librans can be very flexible – and often fickle – in their career and ambitions. On the other hand, they can achieve their ends in a great variety of ways. They are not stuck in one attitude or with one way of doing things.
2014 Free Horoscope (Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces)
Neptune in your 6th house of work can occasionally make you feel inclined to miss lectures or training days with the attitude you can always catch up another time. This won’t be so. Libra, you do have the opportunity to improve yourself and improve your career prospects. The planets are in a helpful and supportive position but you need to keep the pressure on from your end too. It is down to you to exploit optimistic trends by being willing to put in the effort to bring about the goals you are aiming for.
It’s all systems go on the career front. In fact, your best work is still yet to come. Push for your own agenda January to August and doors magically open. The last half of the year is more about developing what you’ve already set into motion during the first half. Your focused budgeting in August ensures that you net that coveted big-ticket item by late September: Happy Birthday


Libra -Love and Relationships in 2014

Librans express their true genius in love. In love you could not find a partner more romantic, more seductive or fairer. If there is one thing that is sure to destroy a relationship – sure to block your love from flowing – it is injustice or imbalance between lover and beloved. If one party is giving too much or taking too much, resentment is sure to surface at some time or other. Librans are careful about this. If anything, Librans might err on the side of giving more, but never giving less.
If you are in love with a Libra, make sure you keep the aura of romance alive. Do all the little things – candle-lit dinners, travel to exotic locales, flowers and small gifts. Give things that are beautiful, not necessarily expensive. Send cards. Ring regularly even if you have nothing in particular to say. The niceties are very important to a Libra. Your relationship is a work of art: make it beautiful and your Libran lover will appreciate it. If you are creative about it, he or she will appreciate it even more; for this is how your Libra will behave towards you.

2014 Free Horoscope (Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces)
Librans like their partners to be aggressive and even a bit self-willed. They know that these are qualities they sometimes lack and so they like their partners to have them. In relationships, however, Librans can be very aggressive – but always in a subtle and charming way! Librans are determined in their efforts to charm the object of their desire – and this determination can be very pleasant if you are on the receiving end

As a relationship-oriented sign, it’s through the lens of others that you often learn the most about yourself. You’re not big on conflict, so sometimes your own needs get put on the back burner in order to keep the peace. Not so much this year! You’re developing an even stronger sense of personal power, and you’re wielding it too. It’s a year of more personal autonomy. How you present yourself to the world is changing as well, as you want your image to better reflect the real and authentic you.

Libra-Money 2014

In financial matters Librans can seem frivolous and illogical to others. This is because Librans appear to be more concerned with earning money for others than for themselves. But there is a logic to this financial attitude. Librans know that everything and everyone is connected and that it is impossible to help another to prosper without also prospering yourself. Since enhancing their partner’s income and position tends to strengthen their relationship, Librans choose to do so. What could be more fun than building a relationship? You will rarely find a Libra enriching him-or herself at someone else’s expense. Scorpio is the ruler of Libra’s solar 2nd house of money, giving Libra unusual insight into financial matters – and the power to focus on these matters in a way that disguises a seeming indifference. In fact, many other signs come to Librans for financial advice and guidance.

Given their social grace, Librans often spend great sums of money on entertaining and organizing social events. They also like to help others when they are in need. Librans would go out of their way to help a friend in dire straits, even if they have to borrow from others to do so. However, Librans are also very careful to pay back any debts they owe, and like to make sure they never have to be reminded to do so.
With Saturn in your income zone, financial reward will come through hard work. It is recommended that you take a cautious approach to finances. Organise and budget your money so that you are able to keep on top of this area during 2014.

Free Scorpio Horoscope (October 23 to November 21)

It was a rough year, thanks to heavy and restrictive Saturn in your sign through all of 2013. You’ve taken on extra responsibilities and likely had to deal with loss in some way, but you’ve grown a lot too. This year you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Saturn is still around, but abundant Jupiter moves into your career and reputation zone in July and throws new opportunities your way. Now all of that groundwork you laid can finally start to pay off — if you allow it to. Others value what you do, maybe even more than you?


Scorpio-Jobs and Career in 2014

Scorpio’s greatest aspiration in life is to be considered by society as a source of light and life. They want to be leaders, to be stars. But they follow a very different road than do Leos, the other stars of the zodiac. A Scorpio arrives at the goal secretly, without ostentation; a Leo pursues it openly. Scorpios seek the glamour and fun of the rich and famous in a restrained, discreet way.
Scorpios are by nature introverted and tend to avoid the limelight. But if they want to attain their highest career goals they need to open up a bit and to express themselves more. They need to stop hiding their light under a bushel and let it shine. Above all, they need to let go of any vindictiveness and small-mindedness. All their gifts and insights were given to them for one important reason – to serve life and to increase the joy of living for others.
With Saturn in your sign it will be vital to conform to the demands of officialdom and the establishment when it comes to your profession. Career matters could be closely connected with legal and official business and your views will sometimes clash with the system. When this occurs you need to be very careful about how and when to confront those who are in a position to make important changes. Making the wrong move at the wrong time could spoil your chances of future success. There will be times when you feel a need to be on your own and to withdraw from the work and social scene completely. Try not to let these moments last for too long because your future depends on you being willing to mix with others and become involved in joint activities.

Scorpio-Love and Relationships in 2014

Scorpio is another zodiac sign that likes committed clearly defined, structured relationships. They are cautious about marriage, but when they do commit to a relationship they tend to be faithful – and heaven help the mate caught or even suspected of infidelity! The jealousy of the Scorpio is legendary. They can be so intense in their jealousy that even the thought or intention of infidelity will be detected and is likely to cause as much of a storm as if the deed had actually been done. Scorpios tend to settle down with those who are wealthier than they are. They usually have enough intensity for two, so in their partners they seek someone pleasant, hard-working, amiable, stable and easy-going. They want someone they can lean on, someone loyal behind them as they fight the battles of life. To a Scorpio a partner, be it a lover or a friend, is a real partner – not an adversary. Most of all a Scorpio is looking for an ally, not a competitor.

If you are in love with a Scorpio you will need a lot of patience. It takes a long time to get to know Scorpios, because they do not reveal themselves readily. But if you persist and your motives are honourable, you will gradually be allowed into a Scorpio’s inner chambers of the mind and heart. Neptune is now in your 5th house of romance and this planet will have a long stay in this area. Its positive influence on your relationships is to make you sensitive to the moods of your friends, family and other loved ones.
If you are single, Neptune suggests the romantic partner you choose in 2014 will be on your mental level. The most likely places for meeting romantic partners will be at social gatherings that take in artistic pursuits and musical interests like theatre-going or art and photography workshops.
Whether you are single or attached, the best period for romance will be between the 20th February and 22nd March when Venus will be travelling through your love zone or towards the end of April and start of May
You’re serious about most things this year, and that includes love and relationships. Commitment comes calling with the April 29th Solar Eclipse when a new relationship hits the ground running and gets serious quickly. If not, watch for someone special to come on strong in October. Already attached? You’re taking things to a new level and could decide to get married or start a family. Lusty Mars in Scorpio amps up your already considerable magnetism from July 25th to September 13th.

Scorpion -Money in 2014

Love, birth, life as well as death are Nature’s most potent transformations; Scorpios are interested in all of these. In our society, money is a transforming power, too, and a Scorpio is interested in money for that reason. To a Scorpio money is power, money causes change, money controls. It is the power of money that fascinates them. But Scorpios can be too materialistic if they are not careful. They can be overly awed by the power of money, to a point where they think that money rules the world. Even the term ‘plutocrat’ comes from Pluto, the ruler of the sign of Scorpio. Scorpios will – in one way or another – achieve the financial status they strive for. When they do so they are careful in the way they handle their wealth. Part of this financial carefulness is really a kind of honesty, for Scorpios are usually involved with other people’s money – as accountants, lawyers, stockbrokers or corporate managers – and when you handle other people’s money you have to be more cautious than when you handle your own.
In order to fulfil their financial goals, Scorpios have important lessons to learn. They need to develop qualities that do not come naturally to them, such as breadth of vision, optimism, faith, trust and, above all, generosity. They need to see the wealth in Nature and in life, as well as in its more obvious forms of money and power. When they develop generosity their financial potential reaches great heights, for Jupiter, the Lord of Opulence and Good Fortune, is Scorpio’s money planet.
You’re more inclined to just lay low and cozy up with family than to hit the gym this spring, thanks to action planet Mars in retrograde. Still, self-disciplined Saturn in your sign won’t let you get too far off track. Once Mars turns around and zooms ahead on May 21st, staying fit and active will be a breeze. From July onward, not only does the boss like you, but authority figures in general do too! Ask for that raise September 14th to October 26th when Mars favours your money zone.


Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Friendships, groups, social networks and altruistic organizations are your gateways to success, luck and self-development this year. You could become quite the little joiner, especially if it’s for a cause you really believe in. Take part, sign on and rally the troops. Others naturally gravitate towards you and look to you to take the lead.


Sagittarius- Jobs and Career in 2014

Sagittarians are big thinkers. They want it all: money, fame, glamour, prestige, public acclaim and a place in history. They often go after all these goals. Some attain them, some do not – much depends on each individual’s personal horoscope. But if Sagittarians want to attain public and professional status they must understand that these things are not conferred to enhance one’s ego but as rewards for the amount of service that one does for the whole of humanity. If and when they figure out ways to serve more, Sagittarians can rise to the top.

The ego of the Sagittarian is gigantic – and perhaps rightly so. They have much to be proud of. If they want public acclaim, however, they will have to learn to tone down the ego a bit, to become more humble and self-effacing, without falling into the trap of self-denial and self-abasement. They must also learn to master the details of life, which can sometimes elude them. At their jobs Sagittarians are hard workers who like to please their bosses and co-workers. They are dependable, trustworthy and enjoy a challenge. Sagittarians are friendly to work with and helpful to their colleagues. They usually contribute intelligent ideas or new methods that improve the work environment for everyone. Sagittarians always look for challenging positions and careers that develop their intellect, even if they have to work very hard in order to succeed. They also work well under the supervision of others, although by nature they would rather be the supervisors and increase their sphere of influence. Sagittarians excel at professions that allow them to be in contact with many different people and to travel to new and exciting locations.

Sagittarius -Love Horoscope in 2014

You’re yearning for a relationship with meaning, and getting off the beaten track is how you can find it, especially from July onward. Travel opens up whole new worlds of possibilities in not just your love life, but in all areas of your life. Alternatively, it could be someone with a foreign accent and background that captures your interest at home. You’re really looking to be inspired, and shared ideals are a must. Both the April 21st and October 8th Eclipses moves you out of any relationship ruts and help you get clear about what your truly want and need.
Sagittarians love freedom for themselves and will readily grant it to their partners. They like their relationships to be fluid and ever-changing. Sagittarians tend to be fickle in love and to change their minds about their partners quite frequently.

Sagittarians feel threatened by a clearly defined, well-structured relationship, as they feel this limits their freedom. The Sagittarian tends to marry more than once in life. Sagittarians in love are passionate, generous, open, benevolent and very active. They demonstrate their affections very openly. However, just like an Aries they tend to be egocentric in the way they relate to their partners. Sagittarians should develop the ability to see others’ points of view, not just their own. They need to develop some objectivity and cool intellectual clarity in their relationships so that they can develop better two-way communication with their partners. Sagittarians tend to be overly idealistic about their partners and about love in general. A cool and rational attitude will help them to perceive reality more clearly and enable them to avoid disappointment.


Sagittarius -Money in 2014

From January 1st to March 1st you’re consumed with building wealth and having enough – more money, more security, more stuff. It’s easy to go overboard now when it comes to getting what you want or to feel competitive with others. Still, you can do well this spring as long as you keep your risks calculated. Abundant Jupiter keeps the funds flowing right through to July, but it won’t last forever. Use this golden opportunity to stash some cash for your future security.
Sagittarians generally entice wealth. They either attract it or create it. They have the ideas, energy and talent to make their vision of paradise on Earth a reality. However, mere wealth is not enough. Sagittarians want luxury – earning a comfortable living seems small and insignificant to them.

In order for Sagittarians to attain their true earning potential they must develop better managerial and organizational skills. They must learn to set limits, to arrive at their goals through a series of attainable sub-goals or objectives. It is very rare that a person goes from rags to riches overnight. But a long, drawn-out process is difficult for Sagittarians. Like Leos, they want to achieve wealth and success quickly and impressively. They must be aware, however, that this over-optimism can lead to unrealistic financial ventures and disappointing losses. Of course, no zodiac sign can bounce back as quickly as Sagittarius, but only needless heartache will be caused by this attitude. Sagittarians need to maintain their vision – never letting it go – but they must also work towards it in practical and efficient ways
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Surprisingly three Foods Make You Leaner in 2014


Wow- Three stay-slim foods that might surprise you-

There are tons of yummy foods that will actually help you lose weight, rather than sabotaging your efforts. Here are three stay-slim foods that just might surprise you.
Here are some foods you must try to stay slim….


1.  Say more Cheese

Surprisingly three Foods Make You Leaner in 2014
Experts believe that although it's calorie-dense (especially full-fat cheeses), studies show that cheese-eaters tend to be thinner! As SELF previously reported, a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that women who ate an ounce of full-fat cheese daily gained fewer pounds over time than their less-cheesy peers. A possible explanation is that whole dairy contains conjugated linoleic acid, which may stoke your metabolism. But, keep in mind -- that's only eating one ounce -- not a lot.

Jibrin points to other studies that show consumers of ALL dairy products are thinner, which, she says, may be because of the calcium. "One theory," she says, "is that when you're deficient in calcium, your appetite increases in the hopes that if you eat more, you'll take in more calcium." Jibrin says low-fat cheeses are your best bet for weight loss. "Stick to about 2-3 ounces daily," she recommends, "and try to keep the rest of your meal low in saturated fat, which cheese is notoriously rich in."

2. Try some Curry  

Surprisingly three Foods Make You Leaner in 2014
Do you love a great Indian or Thai curry? Good! Because those dishes are prepared with hot chili pepper, which contains a metabolism-revving ingredient called capsaicin. According to SELF contributing editor Janis Jibrin, a registered dietician, capsaicin offers a "double boost" to your weight-loss efforts. Research from Aarhus University in Denmark, published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, shows that capsaicin consumption was associated with an increase in thermogenesis (the process by which cells convert energy into heat), which boosts body temperature and the metabolism. "It encourages your body to burn more calories," Jibrin explains, "and, according to the research, it may also help suppress appetite."
Just make sure to steer clear of creamy curry sauces, because they can defeat the slimming components of the hot chili.

3. Go nuts

Surprisingly three Foods Make You Leaner in 2014
Let's count the ways," says Jibrin. "First, relative to other foods, nuts are highly satiating, meaning you feel fuller, longer for the calories," she says. Research from the University of Barcelona, published in the American Chemical Society's Journal of Proteome Research, found that eating mixed nuts increases your serotonin levels (one of your "feel-good" neurochemicals), which improves your mood, decreases your appetite and is good for your heart!
And, a study from Purdue University, Indiana, published in the International Journal of Obesity, found that when study participants added about 500 calories' worth of peanuts to their diets, not only did they eat less at subsequent meals, but their metabolisms revved up by 11 percent. This brings us to Jibrin's second point: "Compared to other foods, nuts tend to increase calorie burn after eating them." She adds, "You don't fully absorb them, so some of the nuts leave your system -- along with their calories."

(Source- Journal of Biological Chemistry)
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Five prong formula to increase your Valentine Love in 2017

Simple Ways to Increase the Love in Your Life in 2017


Happy Valentine to all….

This is my 4rth article on Valentine day. In the last article we saw do you believe that kissing is good for our health (science behind). In this article you will find how to make your valentine happy all the time.
Five prong formula to increase your Valentine Love in 2014

I refuse to be one of those people spewing bitterness about Valentine’s Day. As a single person, no, it’s not my favorite holiday. But it wasn’t my favorite holiday when I was coupled either. Aside from the pricey prix fixe dinner menus, the reason being, Valentine’s Day is limiting. This concept of “romantic love,” that it’s the only kind of love that is transcendent or important, is just dumb. It sets you up for failure. If you don’t have it, does that mean you’re unloved or unlovable? Um, NO! Really, we all have access to many different forms of love, and if we’re wise, we are pursuing all of them and not just putting all of our love eggs in one basket. It’s easy to forget that. So, I’ve taken a few moments to reflect upon some really simple ways to invite more love in this Valentine’s Day that have nothing to do with romantic love.

Five prong formula to increase your Valentine Love in 2014

1st Formula-.Say something nice  all the time

Take those loving thoughts a step further and turn them into loving words. Just give someone a compliment for no reason. A really juicy, genuine one. Not like nice scarf. Something that makes them feels seen. You’re the funniest person in the world to me. I like having you around. It should be genuine, of course. Just do it and see how it changes the love quotient in the room.

2nd Formula- Loving thoughts all day

 It’s so easy to have unloving thoughts; toward your extra layer of stomach chub or that person who just shoved you on the subway or that co-worker who’s always putting you down or even that difficult-to-get-along-with family member. We all have more than ample opportunity to indulge in negative thoughts. I know I’m guilty. Something to try: spend an entire day thinking loving thoughts. That’s it. When you hear your mind thinking that shitty thing, stop yourself. Replace that thought with a loving thought. My stomach chub is cute. I’m sure that person didn’t mean to shove me. Just for one day. You can do it.

Five prong formula to increase your Valentine Love in 2014

3rd Formula- Put out all bad feeling

I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about love. When I’m having a “feeling unloved” day, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I up my love output. I send a text message and ask how something important went for a friend. I find pictures of Jerri Blank and shih tzu puppies and post them on Facebook walls. I call my grandmother, even though I despise talking on the phone, just because I know it will make her happy. I crack a smile at a stranger. Love is one of those things that boomerang back when you give it. So, put out A LOT. Be a love slut.

4rth Formula- Spread your passion wings

 Doing things you’re passionate about is a form of love. It’s a way to put your love out there in the world. It can be anything really. Bake a cake, build something, go rock climbing, do karaoke. It sounds really simplistic, but it works.

5th Formula-Shows your Gratitude

Take some time and focus on what you have right this minute, not what wish you had. Duh, I know. But seriously, all those silly Valentine’s Day commercials with wine/roses/chocolate/diamond rings on fingers can make us feel like we’re missing something. We’re not. You have all the love you need, now go appreciate it.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Do you believe the kissing is good for our health (science behind)?


Science behind Kissing and good health

This is my third article on this year valentine day. In second article we saw How to find your Valentine love is REAL or FAKE?
Do you believe the kissing is good for our health (science behind)?
Recently I came through this article in web that kissing is good for health. I was surprised to see how this is good for our health. So on valentine day this article will give more boosts to enjoy more kissing at same time take care of your health.

Science behind Kissing and health

Do you believe the kissing is good for our health (science behind)?
Women’s magazines have been touting it for years, but there’s real science behind it: kissing is good for your health. You already know the obvious reasons it makes your life better, but as it turns out, it makes your body a lot better too. Kissing deserves more appreciation in its own right rather just as a pit stop on the way to sexy time. It’s an experience that is unlike any other form of, ahem, communication, and it can have about a million different meanings and nuances. Here are some ways kissing improves your health and makes life generally more awesome.

1. It creates all kinds of positive feelings, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Happy chemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine are stimulated when you have romantic feelings toward someone. Oxytocin can also come into play, creating a sense of a calm and comfort, and, of course, kissing gets you all kinds of turned on.

Do you believe the kissing is good for our health (science behind)?

2. it’s like exercise … sort of.

Kissing does burn calories, though hardly as many as an hour at the gym. A really intense kiss can burn two calories a minute. If things are really hot and heavy, the benefits may be similar to that of a brisk walk. Hey, it may not be as healthy as going for a run, but it’s certainly better for you than eating doughnuts while watching trash TV on the couch! That’s plenty enough motivation for me.

Do you believe the kissing is good for our health (science behind)?

3. It tells you whether your date is a keeper.

 Just as the clich├ęs say, kissing is a great gauge of sexual compatibility. A first kiss with someone new has a tendency to be awkward because of nerves, no matter how great your chemistry is. But if the next few smooches after that are magic, it’s a good sign that sex with that person will be just as awesome.

4. It calms you down.

Kissing lowers your blood pressure, and can have similar physiological effects to meditation. It slows down the racing chatter in your mind and brings you into the present moment. Anthropologist Helen Fisher, who researches romantic love at Rutgers University, says that kissing “has all that lusciousness that we need to pull us out of the mundane and the ordinary and take us into moments of the extraordinary.” Who knew science could sound so poetic?

 Do you believe the kissing is good for our health (science behind)?

5. It keeps your PMS at bay

Even though being touched by anyone is sometimes the last thing you want when you’re doubled over with cramps, kissing can help make them fade away. It fights headaches too!

6. It hones your intuition

“By the time you’re kissing someone,” expert says, “you’re right up next to them, you are in their personal space…That in itself means you have trusted them. You’re also learning quite a bit about them — you touch them, smell them, taste them, see the expressions on their face, learn something about their health status, and learn a great deal about their intentions.” Basically, it teaches you a whole lot about who this guy or girl is and whether they’re right for you. Lips are much more receptive to sensations than most other parts of the body, and because of that, kissing can help you figure out a whole lot very quickly (and it feels damn good).


7. it’s good for your teeth.

 Kissing washes away the plaque on your teeth that causes cavities because of all the extra saliva movement (kind of gross when you think of it that way, huh?).

8. It evokes major trust.

Our mouths are about as up-close and personal as it gets. To lots of people, kissing feels even more personal than sex. In an anthropological sense, “the mouth is absolutely essential to survival – everything passes through there, and if it’s the wrong thing, you’re cooked,” Fisher says. Letting someone anywhere near it is even more trusting than you’ve probably thought about!

9. It’s sort of like free Botox

 Kissing tightens and tones muscles around your neck and jaw, so get to it!

10. It probably boosts your immune system.

Expert believes it may stimulate your immune system, because “if you’re sharing your germs with somebody, you’re adding to your internal defense system.”

11. It creates a sense of wellbeing

Kissing someone we feel a connection to helps with all-around tension relief. It’s a natural way to combat stress and evoke a feeling that everything’s alright with the world, because for a second, while you’re kissing your loved one, it is.

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