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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why I am Not Loosing My Weight after doing everything in 2011 Part-3


This is 3rd part of blog of my blog on why I am not loosing my Weight after doing everything in 2011. This is commom problem with lot of people when they try everthing but no result to show. Try some more tips below:

11. Stop drinking alcohol/beer or at least cut it down

Most alcoholic drinks are high in calories. Some, like many cocktails, also contain lots of sugar. However, alcohol by itself is bad for fat loss.

12. Drinking Water Helps Weight Loss

Drinking two cups of water before all three meals helped dieters lose weight and keep it off. The findings only worked in people who were middle-aged and older, but water might help younger dieters, too. Americans get far too many calories in the form of sugar-filled beverages.

13 Less Calories-Loose Weight (LCLW)

Our body weight changes are related to this change in balance of calories intake and use. Amount of Food enter in the Body (eating/drinking) or A-food = Amount of energy we use (exercise/walking) or A-Use

If A-food is more than A-Use-Weight Gain
If A-food is less than   A-Use- Weight Loss

Calories required: This is very important part of weight control. There are so many calculations which are very complex but here is very simple one
For inactive people: Weight (lb) x 14 = estimated cal/day
For Less active (4 days per week) people: Weight (lb) x 17 = estimated cal/day
For active (5-7 days per week) people: Weight (lb) x 20 = estimated cal/day

14. Breakfast -Most Important Food of the Day

The first meal of the day is the most important because it supplies the body and brain with the necessary nutrients after a night’s sleep. People who eat breakfast consume more essential nutrients which are necessary for a healthy body and lifestyle. People who eat breakfast tend to be slimmer than those who skip breakfast. Eating breakfast contributes to cognitive performance - it improves concentration. What you choose to eat at breakfast can affect your mood, physical and mental performance, weight, and your general and long-term health.  Eating breakfast is particularly important for active people who have high energy, vitamin and mineral requirements. In addition, eating breakfast can help improve mental alertness and physical performance.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why I am Not Loosing My Weight after Doing Everything in 2011 Part 2

This is second part of my blog on why I am not loosing my Weight after doing everything in 2011. This is commom problem with lot of people when they try everthing but no result to show. Try some more tips below:

6. Eat more fat burning Foods

-Citrus Fruits - Rich in Vitamin C, eating the proper amount of citrus fruits each day can help you burn fat by giving you energy.

- Lentils - High in protein and fiber, lentils can help you feel full without overeating, which can lead to fat loss.
-.Apples - The phrase an Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away is still around for a reason! By leaving you feel full longer, an apple can help you burn fat by reducing the overall amount of calories you’re intaking.

7. Muscle workout

Just because you are losing weight which in reality means losing fat, it doesn’t mean you can’t use weight to bulk up your upper body once a week to give your workouts some variety. Use the free weights and bench press to improve the upper body and if you want a health supplement to try to help give your muscles more energy, creatine tablets have had some good reviews on their effectiveness in this area.

8. Good healthy Sleep

Scientists have indicated that just one night of sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain. It slows down the body`s metabolism the next morning - meaning less energy, in the form of calories, is burnt off. Previous studies have linked sleep deprivation with an increase in hunger-related hormones during waking hours. "Our findings show that one night of sleep deprivation acutely reduces energy expenditure in healthy men, which suggests sleep contributes to the acute regulation of daytime energy expenditure in humans," the Daily Mail quoted Christian Benedict, who led the research at Uppsala University in Sweden, as saying.
He and his colleagues put 14 male students through a series of sleep `conditions` - curtailed sleep, no sleep, and normal sleep - over several days, then measured changes in how much they ate, their blood sugar, hormone levels and metabolic rate.
Even a single night of missed sleep slowed metabolism the next morning, reducing energy expenditure for tasks such as breathing and digestion by between 5 and 20 per cent.

9. Eat more meals each day

 Eat 5 – 6 meals and snacks each day. This doesn’t mean that you eat more calories .Take your caloriesin small portions throughout the day. This will makes you less hungry.

10. Cut down refined sugar

Sugar is everywhere, in our coffee, in cereals, in candy, cakes, and cookies, ice-cream, in energy bars, etc. If you want to get flat abs, you need to know that sugar can keep you from your goals. First of all, sugar actually makes you hungrier. Second, it is easily converted to fat within your body so you add on more fat when you want to burn it off. For these two reasons, above all else, you have to keep refined sugar to a minimum. Natural sugar, the kind found in fruit and vegetables is good alternative.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Why I am not loosing my Weight After doing everything in 2011


Why I am not loosing weight after doing everything ?. I am trying everything from excersise to food. After research in web I have found followng tips that will help everyone to achieve a significant weight loss. Here are some nice tips:

1. Mix and Match workout

When you do go to the gym you need to workout intensely to shift weight quicker and so that means lots of cardio. Try and mix it up so do twenty minutes on the jogger, then the bike and then the cross trainer. This way you will get one hour of good cardio all over your body which is ideal for weight loss.

2. Good Balanced Diet

The diet is the key to starting all this weight loss work because you can exercise every day but if you are eating the wrong foods the weight will not change much. Eat healthily three times a day and try to include salad and some lean meats in your diet.

3. Healthy Snacking

Snacking has to go but to get in the habit of not eating junk food you need to empty the cupboardsl. If you really needed a snack then try to replace it with healthy choice such as cups of tea or fruit.

4. Small Achievable target

Have small targets every two weeks instead of one big weight loss target as it makes it all seem much more achievable.

5. Do Some Kind of workout everyday

You do not need to work out every day but at least be active and so that means going for a walk for thirty minutes with the kids, on your own or with the dogs. You need to break the habits of getting in from work and just watching the TV and then eating dinner.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Tips to Cope with Your First day Of College/University in 2011 (Part2)

This is my 7th blog on Back to School ideas.In this blog you will find information about Tips to Cope with Your First day Of College/University in 2011.

6. Enjoy all food hostel/canteen

Changing your eating habits is bad for your health both mentally and physically.. Try to imitate the food regimen that has been working for you all along. Since my parents always fed me organic and natural foods like whole wheat bread and veggies, I tried to stay away from the gloppy trays of mac and cheese and waffles covered in chocolate syrup.

7. Bad Grade or Marks (take positively)

It’s normal—there’s a huge difference between high school and college/university. The professors grade harder, pile on the homework and enforce deadlines.

8. Discuss your expectations with new roommates
If you get everything out in the open right away, you’ll know what to expect. Better yet, the person you live with will know that you find it super annoying when she leaves the bathroom counter soaking wet or dishes on table.

9. Branch out and make new friends

If you’re going off to college with a group of high school friends, try to break away and meet new people. It’s important to do things to make yourself comfortable, but not too comfortable. This is a new experience so embrace it.

10 Reconnect with old old FAMILY friends

To remove you loneliness that being a new student in a strange place find out old friends of moms dads or cousions. Try to talk to them even though you barely knew them. Although they were loose connections, but they will made you less alone.

11. Top Tip of this blog- enjoy yourself.

To attend a college/university is best aprt of your career. You can take classes in anything you want, live with people your own age and stay out late without your parents’ permission. Loosen up, because it’s nothing compared to real life.
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