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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Check your zodiac stars compatibility for flourishing a very strong and productive bond (All 12 Signs)


Free Compatibility Check guide for Your Relationship with your Wife/Lover/Friend (Aquarius Horoscope)

This is my 10th part of blog on Free-compatibility-check-for-your relationship with your Wife/Partner. Please check in this blog if you birth sign is Aquarius. If you find some problem in your relationship, this blog will give some ideas this may be due to some stars in your horoscope. If you know those stars early you can save your breaking relation.

Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 21 - Feb 18)


They are ruled by Saturn and are usually intelligent, clear and logical in their approach. Aquarians have an interesting and attractive personality and believe in setting trends. Find here about characteristics, behaviour, personality and profile of Aquarius Sun sign.

1. Aquarius and Aquarius relationship

Cheerfulness and optimism is something that is shared by an Aquarius duo. Aquarians are known to be friendly, outgoing and sociable by nature. When in a relationship with a fellow Aquarian, they are sure to ignite some jealousy in their friends circle, as they get along very well with each other. Aquarians love to have adventure, fun and excitement and when paired with someone of similar tastes, the thrill is sure to reach newer heights. Practical, realistic and logical in their approach, they find it difficult to be emotional.
 Aquarians are identified as superficial beings, who rarely get into the deeper aspects of things. They are frivolous and face a great difficulty in expressing their own feelings or detecting their partner's. The relationship between two Aquarians would always be a friendly one and would never be very warm or passionate. The traits of jealousy and possessiveness will not be seen when two Aquarians form a love match. The Water Bearers are also identified as unpredictable beings and this might cause problems in the relationship.
 With similar traits, the compatibility between the two (male or female) can be great, as they understand each other completely. Respect and admiration are the positive qualities when we talk about two Aquarians. Both of them are very creative and this quality doubles when they enter into a relationship with each other. They would be great visionaries and bring new ideas to the world. They can be highly productive if they agree on similar grounds. However, if things do not work out in the same manner, situations can be dreadful, as both are very stubborn also. 


2.Aquarius and Pisces relationship


The combination of an Aquarius and a Piscean can be very tricky and might have varied results - either a very harmonious relationship or a very discordant one. Talking about the former type, compassion and creation run high between the couple. They are idealists when alone as well as when they unite as a couple. Aquarians and Pisceans make excellent friends and lovers. While the former is driven by thought, the latter draws his inspiration from feelings. In such a case, the pair will work very well together.
 Talking about the second scenario, Pisceans and Aquarians can have zero compatibility also. The emotional Fish is likely to end up hurt and confused by the practicality of the Water Bearer. The Aquarius is far too cool and detached to fulfill any emotional demands of a Piscean. The latter sympathizes with the problems of others, but the former goes to the extent of empathizing with everyone he meets. When the relationship is good, it can work wonders for both of them, but if it turns sour, the situations will be abysmal.

Aquarius Man & Pisces Woman
In this love match, one thinks and the other feels! He might be too cold to fulfill her emotional and sensual needs. In the beginning, things would be very pleasant between the two, but, with time, varied interest may play foul for the pair. The Water Bearer is analytical and logical - he does not empathize with others. Outgoing and independent, he would love to move out and explore new things, while she would prefer the quite insides of her house. However, for a Pisces female, the Aquarius male will be an asset, making her come out of her shell.
 Aquarius Woman & Pisces Man
This love match can be a tough one to maintain and may turn out to be a disaster even earlier than anticipated. While for an Aquarius woman, adventure and exploration of new places defines fun, a Piscean man is fonder of serene places, where he can enjoy quietness and tranquility with his partner. Aquarians are known as superficial beings and do not get into the insides of matters, which is typically seen in Pisceans. The male would want the love bond to be extremely close and intimate, threatening her freedom. This match is troublesome for both - she would not be able to have her freedom and he won't have the warmth he needs.

3. Capricorn and Aquarius relationship


The relationship between a Capricorn and an Aquarius can be very sweet or very sour. They have contrasting qualities that can turn the love match either of the two ways, either they would complement each other beautifully or clash throughout their life. A lover of rules and regulations, a Capricorn lives by the tick of the clock. He loves to make rules and implement them, while for an Aquarian, rules are meant to be broken. The former is practical, impartial, hardworking and firm, the latter relaxed and carefree.

For a Capricorn, life needs to be led in an organized and routine manner. On the other hand, mundane activities bore an Aquarius and he wants to do everything differently. A Capricornian may often try to direct the mystical mind of the Aquarius to a particular direction, but would fail almost every time. The Water Bearer would hate the domination of the Goat, but find solace in his support. In fact, he will be relieved to find someone who will help him take care of his personal matters.

Capricorn Man & Aquarius Woman
Though, initially, the relationship between a Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman would work wonders, the infatuation would be short-lived. The match would require a lot of compromises at both the ends, if the compatibility has to be carried forward to the future. She is of the independent sorts and a free bird by nature. He, on the other hand, is a man who lives by his set of rules. The nature of the duo is completely opposite each other. However, she would appreciate his sheer will and determination to get what he wants and he would like her self-confidence and creativity. Still, to make this relationship work, a lot of effort would be required.

Capricorn Woman & Aquarius Man
Aquarius man is of the adventurous and outgoing types. He loves to exploit new avenues and loves making friends. Capricorn female, on the other hand, is very reserved and loves to be on her own. Not much of a risk taker, she likes to be confined to the conventional standards and norms. Such differences can be very unpleasant for the couple in the future and may cause insecurity problems to creep up. The Capricorn woman would also fail to understand his unpredictability, causing her much distress. Both the Aquarian male and the Capricorn female need to understand that they are different from each other. They would have to compromise and work together to safeguard their relationship.

4.Aquarius and Sagittarius relationship

Sagittarius and Aquarius make an ideal love match. Where one is idealistic, the other is creative - a combination which works very well together. They make up an active and outgoing couple, which loves adventure and traveling. The coming together of the two is a sign to give way to the innovative and inventive team that wants to conquer the world. Sagittarians excel in coming out with new ideas and theories, while Aquarians outshine in implementing these theories in life. Both of them love their independence and give each other the required space.
 The Water Bearer and the Archer use intellect and a sense of adventure to gain new experiences. Sagittarius is impressed by Aquarius's distinctiveness, dream and original capacity. Aquarius has a high regard for Sagittarian excellence and initiative. Both share a great zest for living and would not to limit each other. Neither of them is emotional or sentimental, which makes their relationship a superficial one. Though there are some differences in their temperaments, these would not hamper the great compatibility that the two share.

Aquarius Woman and Sagittarius Man
The coming together of a Sagittarian man and an Aquarius woman enables the rendezvous of creativity and invention. For them, variety is the most necessary element in life and hence, both would be satisfied with their relationship. While the male would help her to be more creative, the female would allow him to explore his horizons and have better understanding of things. They would never run out to topics for conversation and would cherish each other’s presence as long as they live.

Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman
Love, happiness and contentment would result from the love match between a Sagittarius woman and an Aquarius man. The Sagittarian female and the Aquarian male would love each other, but there would never be too much of dependence in this relationship. Highly independent, they have a free mind and soul, the key trait that attracts them to each other. Adventure, fun, excitement and enjoyment define the life of both. He also shares her need for variety and together, both of them would have lots of fun exploring new people and places together.

5.Aquarius and Scorpio relationship

A Scorpio and an Aquarius so not make a perfect match. Each of the partners has a different outlook towards life and has varying viewpoints, which makes this pairing all the more difficult. While the Water Bearer is a free bird and loves to roam about freely, without any foundations, Scorpio is extremely possessive. The latter is an introvert and overly concerned about his loved ones. This is sure to make the Aquarius feel confined and caged in his presence.
 Though the commonality between the two is very less, one thing that they share is their strong will. If both get their eyes fixed on the same goal, it would be surely achieved. Other than that, almost everything is contrasting. While the Scorpio is inquisitive and loves to get into the details, an Aquarian prefers to be on the surface level. The former is extremely emotional and possessive, which is hard for an Aquarian to take in. However, if an Aquarian mellows down and gives the kind of attention Scorpio wants, the love match could well work.

Aquarius Woman and Scorpio Man
The start of a relationship between a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman may be a good one, but sustaining the compatibility will be a tough task. The match between a Scorpio male and an Aquarius female will be quite a dicey affair - good one moment and bad the other. The problem in the relationship is the difference in the basic personality of the partners. They have conflicting traits - while the male is extremely possessive about his woman and expects too much of love and devotion from her, she is a free bird and will see his protectiveness as domination. This relationship would be tough for both the partners to deal with.

Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman
The coming together of a Scorpio woman and an Aquarius man is like the combination of two different personalities. There is a complete contradiction in their characteristics, which goes against the relationship and creates friction between the two. While the male is an open-minded person and a free soul, the female wants intimacy and closeness, both the terms being alien for the former. His bold remarks will contrast with her need for safety and security, making things worse for both of them. The duo needs to work a lot to make the relationship click.

6.Aquarius and Libra relationship

A Libran and an Aquarian are near identical in their personality traits and have similar needs and interests. They are characterized as social beings who love to interact with people and are gregarious by nature. Freedom and independence are essential elements in this relationship and both of the partners enjoy giving each other space and room for living. There is an instant attraction between a Libran and an Aquarian, in the first meeting only. They would form a great bond and together, would learn a lot of things and accomplish greater heights.
 The Water Bearer would engage in intelligent conversation with a Libra and both of them would encourage each other's ideas and thoughts. They are likely to have a great chemistry as well as compatibility, not only physically, but also emotionally and psychologically. The only thing which acts as a hitch in the relationship is that while Libran is a personal lover, Aquarian is a universal lover. However, with time, they will learn to get over this. The spendthrift nature of the Water bearer also can create a little e bit of problems. All in all, the couple works very well together, for a happy and contented life, though with a bit of efforts.
 Aquarius Woman and Libra Man
The union of a Libran man and an Aquarius woman is a match of equals, where both share same grounds of love, peace and contentment. From being best friends to a great boyfriend/girlfriend to perfect soul mates, the duo is exceptional. Libra male is very open and expressive of his feelings and would use creative ways to make her feel special and unique. The Aquarius female, on the other hand, would attract him with her good looks and intelligent conversation. Together, they would build a castle of love and happiness.
 Aquarius Man and Libra Woman
The only hitch between the two is her decision making problem and his commitment problem. Once past this, they form a perfect couple and would share great time together. Since both of them love freedom, confinement and domination will have no place in their relationship. While she would be fond of his adventurous nature, he would find her intellect and intellectual discussion attractive. Loyalty towards the partner has a prominent place in this relationship and both would work to take their compatibility to higher levels.

7. Aquarius and Virgo relationship

The union of a Virgo and an Aquarian is a sound one, as they share great intellectual and mental compatibility. The couple can have a great chemistry when it comes to business. However, when the subject is love, both are in for a surprise. While the Virgo is lucid, bright, logical and cool, the Aquarius can be composed, isolated and detached. The other difference between the two is that while you can predict the Virgo, an Aquarian does not give you a chance to do so. The latter is highly impulsive and erratic, a fact disliked by the former.

Another aspect of disparity between the Virgin and the Water Bearer is that while the former sees things as they are, the latter takes a wider aspect into consideration. An Aquarius is led by creativity, which has no logic and rationality, much unlike the logical and the coherent Virgo. Both of them will have a tough time bonding on an emotional level and lack much compatibility. There needs to be constant conscious efforts by both the partners to make this match work as well on the love front as the business tie-up.

Aquarius Woman and Virgo Man
Lots of efforts and adjustments would be required to make the relationship of a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman work. While the Virgo male indulges in a lot of negative thinking, the Aquarius female believes in optimism and would always see the brighter side of things. The bond between the two would be very inspirational, as each of them would help the other achieve what he/she has dreamt of. However, the relationship will be far more successful when the bond is on business level, rather than emotional level.

Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman
The initial phase of this relationship would result in a strong bond between the two, but things would start to steep downwards with time. While the Aquarius male would appreciate her rational and logical thinking initially, she would be attracted to his far flung ideas and his dreaminess. However, the attraction will be for a matter of time only and gradually, things would start getting much opposite to what one expects. Both the partners would start seeing the negative aspect of the other and fail to find anything positive in their bond. This love match can be successful only if both the partners learn to accept the other the way he/she is.

8.Aquarius and Leo relationship

The compatibility between a Leo and an Aquarian may not be great, but it will not be too bad either. There is a difference in their personality traits, yet none of them will be would be so major that they cannot be curbed or conquered. Both tend to be emotional and stimulating, leading to an amicable and affable relationship between the two. The other thing which is common in the duo is their love for adventure. Thrill and excitement, enveloped with ecstasy, is the joy of their life and they will enjoy each other’s company in this.

There are a few differences which, though nominal, can cause serious problems in the relationship. The Lion may be too demanding for the Water Bearer, who in turn can be too aloof and detached. The former will also fail to understand the unpredictability, coldness and elusiveness of the latter. Another aspect which might lead to negativity in the couple is the carefree nature of the Water Bearer which would not go too well with the Lion. Both of them need to be a little more flexible and control their ego. Things would then automatically start falling into place.

Aquarius Woman and Leo Man
Initially, things may be very pleasant in the love match between a Leo man and an Aquarian woman. However, if they do not try to understand each other, things might start getting a little shaky. There are differences between the two, which need to be curbed. While he gets too emotionally involved, she will feel the need for space every now and then. They will need to balance such extremities. He should learn to give her the space she wants and she ought to make him feel loved and cared for. Both the Leo male and the Aquarius female should take a step towards each other to make their life blissful and pleasurable.
 Aquarius Man and Leo Woman
Some effort and understanding from both the sides would be required to take compatibility to high levels and form the bond into a long lasting relationship. Emotionally, they will need to make efforts to make their relationship work. The Water Bearer needs to be careful enough to keep his criticism away from the sensitive Leo and instead, shower her with loads of compliments. The duo of Leo female and Aquarius male is pretty vibrant, with him being quite unconventional and her being pretty powerful. This combination will give rise to a situation where boredom and dullness have no place to survive. A little adjustment and both have the possibility of venturing into a fun-filled relationship.

9.Cancer and Aquarius relationship

Different temperaments and dissimilar traits mark the coming together of the Crab and the Water Bearer. They are emotionally as well as psychologically dissimilar, which makes things all the more difficult for the two to cope up with. While the Crab is a homely being and has a deep sense of attachment for his family, the Aquarian is hardly close to anyone. He is someone who makes friends at every step of his life, but does not let anyone come close to him. His relationships are at a superficial level and he fails to form a deep bond with anyone. This will create major compatibility problems between the duo.

The main reason for the shallowness in an Aquarian's relationship is his love for freedom and independence, which sharply conflicts with the intimacy demanded by a Cancerian. The two of them are so apart that only if they make a resolve to learn from the positive qualities of each other, can they hope to make things work. The need of security which is so vital for the Crab will hardly be fulfilled in a relationship with the Water Bearer. One thing that both, the Cancer and the Aquarius individual, need to be clear about is that they are completely different from each. They will have to adjust a lot to make this love match work.

Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man

This is a match of opposites, where one partner is completely in contrast to the other. Both demand different things from life and can rarely come to the same conclusion. In this bond, the Aquarius woman keeps things at superficial level and does not let the Cancer man have a deep relationship with her. The Crab demands too much of emotional support and always wants to be loved and cared for, which is too much for the Water Bearer to provide. She, in turn, feels that she has given all she could and he makes no effort. For the Aquarius female, emotions are not a priority; instead she loves to dwell on intellectual talks. To sustain the bond, lots of efforts, compromise and adjustment would be necessary.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman
This relationship will lead to nowhere as there is no chemistry between a Cancer woman and an Aquarius male. Her constant craving for love, affection and security will be too much for him to bear. His freedom and independence would create a feeling of insecurity in her mind and she would also take it as a detachment from his side. It is a clash of heart and mind - where the Cancer woman thinks emotionally and the Aquarius man intellectually. The sociable nature of Aquarius male will also infuse insecurity problems in her, which would be too hard to mend. Unless both the individuals are ready for compromise and adjustment, the venture into this unison is surely risky.

10. Aquarius and Gemini relationship


A stimulating combination, Gemini and Aquarius together share a great rapport. They have similar likes and dislikes and complement each other beautifully in all respects, be it physically, emotionally or psychologically. Both are fond of variety and look for different things in life. Intellectually also, they can engage each other in hour-long conversation and would never run out of topics to talk on. A Gemini and an Aquarian match each other in wittiness as well. They also share similar perspectives, interests and social activities.

Even when the Aquarian retorts to his shell, things would not turn bad. This is because the Gemini would use such times to the fullest. He would love the freedom at this stage, to do whatever he wants. The only concern in the relationship is that the Water Bearer needs to know the tricks of romance to keep the Gemini always interested in the love match. Otherwise, the latter is capable of moving out. The relationship between the two would be a smooth sail, as both the partners would work to diminish any conflict and ensure compatibility.

Aquarius Woman and Gemini Man
The coming together of a Gemini man and an Aquarius woman would result in a long-lasting relationship. Both would complement each other beautifully and gel well with each other. Since the duo is adventurous, they would enjoy exploring new avenues and gaining new experiences. The Gemini would share a number of qualities with the Water Bearer, resulting in a great love match. Change is the mantra for both of them and they would enjoy each other's originality and novelty. In others words, a Gemini male and an Aquarius female make a great couple, who would enjoy life to the fullest!!

Aquarius Man and Gemini Woman
A Gemini woman and an Aquarius man share a great chemistry and need no words to understand each other’s feelings. They are lovers of the same aesthetic feelings and match each other in each and every sphere of life. Both are impetuous by nature and do things without any planning or preparation. So, there will be a need to bring some balance. A positive trait of the relationship between a Gemini female and Aquarius male is that since both the partners are explorative, adventure, thrill and a quest for exciting avenues will always be there. Mentally also, they are in sync with each other. All in all, a perfect couple which would dwell in the realm of happiness!!

11. Aquarius and Taurus relationship

The relationship between a Taurus and an Aquarius would entirely be dependent on the kind of adjustment they are ready to make. Both of them have a different approach towards life. Still, if they manage to adjust and compromise a bit, theirs would be a long-lasting union. While the Bull has a conservative approach in life and is highly stable, the Water Bearer believes in modernity and wants change and variety in life. The former is a home-bird and prefers the comforts of the indoors, the latter loves to freak out and explore the world. The stubborn Bull will also face a difficulty understanding the unpredictable side of the Water Bearer.
 The difference is prevalent in the romantic sphere as well, where the two have totally contrasting qualities. A Taurus is a highly passionate lover, whereas an Aquarian has a casual attitude towards love. Security is also a concern for this love match. While the Bull needs plenty of it, the Water Bearer will hardly be able to provide it, mainly because of his loner attitude. The vivacious and friendly attitude of the latter is sure to trigger the insecurity button for the Bull. On the positive side, they share a strong determination. Once they arrive at a decision, nothing in the world can stop them from following it.

Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man
The relationship between a Taurus male and an Aquarius female would start off well, but they would face problems later on. Though they share an unwavering nature, their conflicting nature will turn the relationship sour. The differences would be too prevalent to be underplayed. An Aquarian woman is an extrovert and her gregarious nature is sure to make him feel insecure and jealous. Her easy going nature would also conflict with his 'live-by-rules' attitude. Both need to adjust and work their way towards each other, to bring in compatibility.

Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman
The union of a Taurus woman and an Aquarius man has better chances of success than vice-versa. In this particular match, the female is of the serious types, while the male believes in fun and frolic. The duo can learn from each other and have a healthy relationship. While he can tickle the funny side of her, she can bring in some stability and constancy in his life. Both complement each other beautifully and can bring out the positive side of the relationship. The only hitch in the relationship is that both need to control their stubbornness to sustain their relationship.

12. Aquarius and Aries  relationship

One visualizes and the other implements – Aquarius and Aries make a perfect match of creativity and action both tied together. They understand each other’s idealistic views and are enthusiastic about life. Excitement and new experience are the most necessary elements of the lives of both Aries and Aquarius. The wilder and stranger the expedition the better it is as they both love thrills and showing off. The duo has a progressive and dynamic approach towards solving the problem.

Individuality and freedom is sacred for both the partners and they enjoy giving each other the independence and liberty. The words ‘boring’ and ‘monotonous’ do not have any meaning in the lives of either of the partners as they are outgoing and, energetic and vivacious. Insecurity can creep into the minds of an Aries which can be sorted out efficiently by tact and skill of the Aquarius. Since an Aquarius is more independent than the Aries, he can also make the Ram feel neglected.

Aquarius Woman and Aries Man
The union of an Aries male and an Aquarius female is a compatible one. The woman plays an important role in the relationship maintaining it all throughout. Aquarius female would play the manager in the relationship taking in all his anger and his violent reaction without even once making a hitch about it. She would make him see the other side of the same coin but in a softer way. On the other hand, he would infuse passion and compassion in the relationship. While her independence will impress his free mind, his aggression would interest her.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman
Though it may take some time, but the result would be more fruitful than expected. Aries woman and Aquarius man make excellent couple. Once the Aquarius male knows that her anger is a few seconds of rage and that he should not feel bad about it, the couple can head for a beautiful life for future. There is no craving for authority in either if them, and they would love each other’s natures and views. While she loves his outgoing nature and love for adventure, he is head over heels with her aptitude and zeal in life. A perfect pair if both realizes each other’s traits.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Diminish the Gap between Disappointment and Success in 2013-14

The gap between failure and success is often much smaller than it appears. The catch is that you have to start moving to shrink the perceived gap and move towards success. Whether it’s your own professional development or that personal dream or aspiration, there’s only one way to jump the gap. Start moving now…and then start running.

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something. Here are some nice tips to reduce the gaps between Failure and Success.

1. Pay no attention to the critics.

Critics show up once you start moving forward. Critics are typically people who feed on your actions because they don’t have any actions of their own. Ignore them.

2. Get a good coach.

We stink at coaching ourselves. Even coaches need coaches.   And yes, teams can most definitely benefit from external coaching.

3. Clean your mind of the negative thoughts.

Remember that no one cares that you think you cannot do something. This is invisible to the world. It’s in your mind. However, people will care when they notice you doing something.

4. Keep moving.

Don’t get caught on the flypaper. When you’re close to being stuck, remember that action overcomes stickiness. Now get going.

5. Extra effort is Key to shrinks the failure gap.

For leaders, it’s often about taking the extra time to listen. For writers, it’s butts in seats and hands on keyboards. For athletes, it’s the extra hour of training…beyond what’s expected or scheduled. No one has ever succeeded by doing too little. You know this…now, do something about it.

6. Positive Thinking

Quit focusing on what you did wrong. Ask, what did I do right? Do more of it!

In the end we can say that a successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Free and Printable TOEFL test Sample Questions for 2013 Part V (Other English Practice Exams)


Print, Practice and Pass TOEFL test 2013-14

This is 5th part of Free TOEFL test Sample Practice Questions for 2013. In this part you will see questions related to completing sentences.. These questions can be practice for other English related Practice Exams too.

Free TOEFL test Sample Question:  42-51
Choose the letter of the word or group of words that best completes the sentence.

Q 42
 _____ of the Pueblo Indians centered on intensive agriculture.
(A) The economic activity
(B) Because the economic activity
(C) The economy was active
(D) When the economic activity

Q 43
 In popular terminology, any long snowstorm with ____ is called a blizzard.
(A) the amount of wind is large
(B) a large amount of wind
(C) it is very windy
(D) very windy

Q 44
 Nuclear power can be produced by fusion, _____ produced by fission.
(A) it can also be
(B) it can also
(C) and it can also be
(D) and it can also

Q 45
. _____, igneous rocks may be changed into gneisses.
(A) The temperature is high
(B) If the temperature is high
(C) High temperatures
(D) If high temperature
Q 46
 In 1905, Henry Flagler _____ his plans to extend his Florida East Coast Railway out across the sea to Key West.
(A) it was announced
(B) announcement
(C) the announcement of
(D) announced

Q 47
 The sound ____ from a vibrating object will be high or low depending on the number of vibrations.
(A) Comes
(B) it is coming
(C) is coming
(D) coming

Q 48
 During the late 1880s, urban streetcars were electrified through ______ large motors.
(A) they used
(B) used
(C) the use of
(D) when they used

Q 49
. _____ almost 274 square miles, but 96 percent of the park is under water.
(A) Although Biscayne National Park encompasses
(B) Biscayne National Park encompasses
(C) Biscayne National Park encompassing
(D) Biscayne National Park

Q 50
 Legislation _______ in 1916 and 1917 gave the Wilson administration authority to intervene in the national economy if it proved necessary.
(A) it was passed
(B) was passed
(C) passed
(D) passes

Q 51
 Because a family of birds set up housekeeping in Joel Chandler Harris’s mailbox when the birds were in need of a place to stay, ______ the Wren’s Nest.
(A) the home is named
(B) so the home is named
(C) naming the home
(D) the home’s name
Answer Keys: Free TOEFL test Sample Question:  42-51
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