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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Free Printable General Competency Test (GCT) sample Questions 1-100 (Govt. Jobs)

GCT test for Govt. Jobs and Free Test samples for 2013

This is 4rth part of blog on General Competency Test (GCT) sample Questions. This test is used federal Public Service is for the best-qualified persons to fill the jobs available. Employment tests like the GCT help to satisfy both of these aims by providing a fair, objective and reliable measure of an important qualification.

GCT test for Govt. Jobs and Free Test samples 36-50

Question 36
Using shorthand, a stenographer can take down a 150-word letter in one minute, making only one error. Typing takes the person twice as long as writing shorthand and results in twice as many errors. How long would it take the person to type a letter consisting of 300 words, and how many errors would be made?

1.2 minutes, 2 errors
2.4 minutes, 2 errors
3.4 minutes, 4 errors
4.6 minutes, 4 errors
Question 37
You are responsible for applying parole regulations. According to the regulations, only an inmate who is sentenced to 15 years or less in prison and has not had more than three warnings of misconduct during detention may be paroled. You have two files to review. Inmate A was sentenced to 16 years in prison and had one warning of misconduct, while inmate B was sentenced to 15 years in prison and had three warnings of misconduct.

Who may be paroled?

1.inmate A
2.inmate B
3.inmate A and inmate B
4.neither inmate A nor inmate B

Question 38
You find the following article in an administrative manual on applying employment legislation:

The Personnel Services Directorate is responsible for informing and assisting the manager in interpreting and applying legislation to see that all benefits, terms and conditions of employment are administered by the prescribed deadlines, according to the legislative processes established in code 131-HB.
This text says that:

1. Deadlines and legislative processes must be established according to code 131-HB
2. All benefits, terms and conditions of employment are applied by the Personnel Services Directorate
3. The Personnel Services Directorate is responsible for helping to apply employment legislation
4. The manager will establish code 131-HB, with terms and conditions of employment being met
Question 39
A director is hiring a new assistant, and your job is to schedule interviews for the job candidates. Each interview takes 30 minutes to conduct, and a 15-minute period for the completion of all necessary evaluation forms is needed after each interview to evaluate the candidate. There are ten candidates applying for the position, and there are two interviewers who will each interview half of the candidates.

At what time will the interviewers finish if they begin at 9:00 a.m., assuming no lunch break or coffee break is taken?

1.12:30 p.m.
2.12:45 p.m.
3.1:30 p.m.
4.2:15 p.m.


Answers for General Competency Test Level 1 (GCT1) Practice Test 36-50

Q36 - 3
Q37 - 2
Q38 - 3
Q39 - 2
Q 40 - 4
Q 41 - 3
Q 42 - 2
Q 43 - 1
Q 44 - 2
Q 45 - 3
Q 46 - 4
Q 47 - 3
Q 48 - 2
Q 49 - 3
Q50 - 4

Question 40
As an accounting clerk, you are required to correct errors made in payroll documents. The steps required to carry out this task are listed below (in the wrong order):

A. Report alterations to senior clerk.
B. Locate incorrect figures in documents.
C. Correct the detected errors.
D. Obtain documents in question.
Which of the following is the best order for these steps?

1. B, C, D, A
2. D, A, B, C
3. D, B, A, C
4. D, B, C, A

Question 41
Your unit's classification clerk must be consulted in order to send a file containing classified and indexed information to another division. The clerk will check the information or correspondence. If there are any errors, the clerk will point them out to the supervisor, which will delay sending the file. After checking again, it is up to the clerk and not the supervisor to code and number files.

This description provides information on the processes involved in:

1. Organizing files
2. Coding files
3. Sending files
4. Indexing files

Question 42
Your department makes several long-distance phone calls each month. Assume that you have the following arrangement with the phone company:
Individual phone calls costing less than $12 are to be paid in full.
For more expensive phone calls, you are billed only for the amount that exceeds $25, or you are billed at a flat rate of $12, whichever is the larger of the two amounts.
The following phone calls were made this month:
1. phone call number one $10
2. Phone call number two $55
3. Phone call number three $75
4. Phone call number four $40
Based on the above information, how much will you be charged for the month?
1. $97
2. $105
3. $107
4. $180
Question 43
Government     Gouvernement
of Canada      du Canada

The annual report will be divided into three chapters entitled Finance, Responsibilities, and Evaluation, numbered from 1 to 3 in that order. These three chapters will each be divided into six subchapters, each covering two months of the year and numbered from 1 to 6. These subchapters will each be divided into three sections entitled Management, Officers, and Administrative Support and numbered from 1 to 3 in that order.
According to this memorandum, chapter 3, subchapter 4, section 1 would pertain to:
1. Evaluation, July-August, Management
2. Finance, July-August, Administrative Support
3. Evaluation, July-August, Officers
4. Finance, June-July, Officers

Question 44
Your job involves checking reports to determine if written errors have been made. The reports that you check are equal in length and difficulty, and come from three different writers. After checking all reports, you note that all reports written by Writer A contain errors, some reports written by Writer B contain errors and the reports written by Writer C do not contain any errors
What conclusion can be justified based on these findings?

1. Writer "A" lacks experience
2. Writer "C" has the lowest error rate
3. The writers do not have the same number of years of experience
4. Writer "C" takes the most time to write reports

Question 45
Government     Gouvernement
of Canada      du Canada
TO: Telegram Clerk
FROM: Director, Communications Centre
I remind you that all "not protected" telegrams received from overseas must first be classified by country of origin and then by date of receipt, with the most recent telegrams appearing first in the general index. However, overseas telegrams classified "protected" must be kept in a separate file and classified first according to sender's department and then by date of receipt. Of course, all "protected" telegrams must be handled with the greatest discretion. According to this memorandum, which of the following is true?

1. Telegrams must first be classified by country of origin and then separated depending on whether or not they are "protected"
2."Protected" telegrams are seldom received from different countries
3."Protected" telegrams are filed according to a different system than "not protected" telegrams
4."Protected" and "not protected" telegrams must be classified by date of receipt and by the department of the sender

Question 46
You are a personnel assistant responsible for assigning employees to small-group language training sessions. Several employees took part in a small-group language training course to increase their proficiency in using the correct work-related terms in the work environment.

A survey taken after training revealed that employees who underwent small-group language training sessions were more effective in their interactions with the public. It can be concluded from this survey that:

1. You are doing your job well
2. Employees who deal with the public must undergo language training sessions
3. Small-group language training sessions are the most effective means of increasing language proficiency
4. Employees who have undergone small-group language training sessions are better able to deal with the public

Question 47
You found the following paragraph on account auditing in an administrative manual:

Interest will automatically be paid to the contractor on accounts not paid within 30 calendar days after the due date. As established in the "Terms of payment", the due date is 60 days after the contract completion date.

According to this paragraph, interest will be due:

1.30 days after the contract completion date
2.60 days after the contract completion date
3.90 days after the contract completion date
4.120 days after the contract completion date

Question 48
A court reporter operates an electronic typewriter at 60 words per minute and a word processor at 70 words per minute. When using a typewriter, the reporter makes errors in 2 % of the words, and when using a word processor, the reporter makes errors in 1 %. What is the difference in number of errors made per hour on the two machines?

Question 49
Twenty percent of your work now involves clerical duties, whereas these duties took 30 % of your time two years ago. However, the 20 % of your time spent on writing the quarterly report two years ago has now increased to 25 %. You also note that 25 % of your time is spent classifying files, as it was two years ago.

What conclusion(s) can be justified based on these findings?

1. The time you spend classifying files has remained the same
2. The time you spend on clerical duties has decreased
3. Both 1 and 2
4. Neither 1 nor 2
Question 50
Government       Gouvernement
of Canada           du Canada


TO: All employees

FROM: Computer Services

As you know, we are in the process of buying 15 personal computers and will be installing them as soon as a distribution plan has been established. Each computer will be accompanied by new software (computer programs) which everyone will be required to use. Training programs for the new software will be offered during the next two weeks by the human resources unit. The main purpose of this memo is to:

1. Announce that 15 new computers may be purchased
2. Inform employees of the distribution plan
3. Schedule employees for training sessions
4. Inform employees that they will need to learn the new software


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