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Friday, January 24, 2014

How drinking tea will help you in weight loss, improved bone health and good mood


Many Health Benefits of drinking tea

In this article you will see how drinking tea is good for weight loss, improved bone health and good mood.

What is tea?

How drinking tea will help you in weight loss, improved bone health and good mood

This tea is the unopened bud of the tealeaf. After the bud is picked, it is withered and the moisture is allowed to evaporate and dry. It is very high in antioxidants and low in caffeine. When the buds are picked, the tea farmers lose the leaves that make popular and marketable teas. This is why white tea is rare and expensive. A true white tea is only produced in Fujian China and has a silvery and fuzzy appearance. The infusion is very pale and has a mild flavor.
There are over 3000 varieties of tea, not including botanicals and fruit infusions. To be a tea, it must come from the camellia sinensis plant. There are several varieties of this plant, producing many types of teas.

How drinking tea will help you in weight loss, improved bone health and good mood

Many Health Benefits of Tea

That moment in the morning when tea drinkers take their first warm sip can be amazing. And now, 12 new articles from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that tea may indeed be a magical elixir, as it was shown to promote weight loss, prevent chronic illnesses and improve mood. Whether iced or hot, on any given day, over 158 million people in the US drink tea, according to the Tea Association of the USA. And our British counterparts consume 165 million cups daily.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, according to the Tea Association, beaten only by water. Though there have been a multitude of studies about antioxidants in tea and the resulting human health effects, these recent studies in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) shed light on just how helpful tea is for our health.

Experts from the US Department of Agriculture, National Institutes of Health, UCLA and the University of Glasgow - among others - contributed to the AJCN body of evidence.
Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, compendium editor for the issue, says, the scientists who contributed their original research and insights are among the best in the world, and together, this body of research has significantly advanced the science of tea and human health.

How drinking tea will help you in weight loss, improved bone health and good mood

1 Tea and weight loss

Along with promoting weight loss, studies found that drinking tea reduces cancer and cardiovascular risks and it also provides psychological benefits. Researchers who looked at polyphenols - natural compounds in tea - found that they, along with the caffeine content, increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation, which resulted in weight loss and helped maintain a healthy body weight. One study shows that subjects who consumed green tea and caffeine lost an average of 2.9 pounds over 12 weeks, all while maintaining their normal diet. Other studies show that regular tea drinkers have lower body mass indexes (BMIs) and waist-to-hip ratios, along with less body fat, compared with non-tea drinkers. Additionally, another review showed that the increase in calories burned as a result of drinking tea equates to around 100 calories during a 24-hour period.


2. Reduced cancer and cardiovascular risks

Another set of researchers found that the polyphenols in green tea may help to stop the progression of certain cancers. In one study, scientists observed that after a year, 30% of men in a placebo group progressed to prostate cancer, compared with only 9% of men who were in a tea-supplemented group. Other cancers for which tea provides protective health benefits are cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, lung, breast and skin, researchers say. A study conducted by Dr. Claudio Ferri in Italy showed that black tea reduced blood pressure in patients with hypertension and also neutralized negative effects of high-fat meals on arterial blood flow and blood pressure.

Dr. Ferri comments on his findings, our studies build on previous work to clearly show that drinking as little as one cup of tea per day supports healthy arterial function and blood pressure. These results suggest that on a population scale, drinking tea could help reduce significantly the incidence of stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

3. Improved bone strength, alertness and problem solving

Another benefit of the polyphenols in green tea includes improving bone quality and strength, particularly in the wake of osteoporosis. Tea drinking in one study was associated with a 30% reduced risk of hip fractures in men and women aged 50 years or older. And if that fails to put individuals in a good mood, drinking tea will. In one study in particular, drinking tea was found to improve attention and facilitate better focus on tasks. Subjects in the study drank 2-3 cups of tea within 90 minutes, and this resulted in more accurate results during an attention task and feelings of being more alert, compared with subjects drinking a placebo. Researchers note that the amino acid theanine and caffeine in tea are thought to confer psychological benefits to drinkers, strengthening attention, mood and performance.  
Humans have been drinking tea for some 5,000 years, dating back to the Paleolithic period," says Prof. Blumberg. "Modern research is providing the proof that there are real health benefits to gain from enjoying this ancient beverage."

(Source-American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)
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Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Free Yearly Horoscope (Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces)


2014 Free Horoscope -Cancer Leo and Virgo

This is second part of article on 2014 Free Horoscope. In this part you saw the details forecast Aeries Taurus and Gemini. In this article you will see three more signs-Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

Free Cancer Horoscope (June 21 to July 22)

Home, family and security have always been important to you, and you’ll be even more focused on those issues this year. You’ll be happiest being out of the spotlight and securing a strong and secure emotional/financial base for yourself. If you’ve devoted a large chunk of time to your career or public life that could shift this year as you make different choices. There may be a move into a new home, the purchase of real estate, or perhaps you’ll be adding to the family! Your mantra for 2014 is: I choose to secure my foundation.

Cancer- Jobs and Career in 2014

Mission One in 2014: To Revitalize Your Career While Avoiding Pitfalls Caused By Impulsiveness—Uranus Will Be in Aries until 2019 .Your most pressing task is to reinvent and revamp your career. There were signals that this would be necessary in 2013 or even the year before that. This is not easy to do, of course, so it would be understandable if you found the process taking much time and thought.
It was easy to see that reinventing yourself on the job was going to have to be a big priority. It didn't hurt that getting a better position would bring in more money—that always helps in periods of transition. It was set then—career had to take first priority. Uranus, the planet of out-of-the-blue developments, arrived in March 2011 and will stay until September 2019. The so-called "outer planets"—the ones that spin on the outer edges of our solar system—set up the major themes that we work on for years at a time. This group of planets, which include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, move slowly and remain quite awhile in each part of the chart that they visit. This allows these planets to have a more lasting, memorable effect. With the exception of Jupiter (which stays a year) and Saturn (which stays two years), the rest of this gang stays between seven and sixteen years in a sign.
Uranus is one of the outer planets, and although he may move slowly, he brings results very quickly. There is a reason this planet is called the Great Awakener—his messages are delivered like lightning bolts. Having Uranus in your tenth house of professional success and reputation meant life at the office was not going to be dull any more, not by any means. While many of the surprises you experienced in 2013 were welcome, some were not, and you might have suffered a reversal or two. This on/off, up/down, positive/negative charge will continue for several more years, until late 2019. Uranus rules alternating current of electricity (among other things), so you get the picture. The main job of Uranus is to teach us to think on our feet, to overcome adversity when necessary, and to become flexible, resourceful, and adaptable.
You were, and will still be, ready to rework your career, perhaps taking apart the pieces—each piece representing facets of your experience and talents—and reassembling them in a new way, like a magic puzzle that has more than one way to fit together to create a finished result. It is not a question of simply finding a new job or a new career direction that suits the marketplace (although that's become increasingly important to you too), but to choose your life's true vocation. That's a hugely important distinction, for Uranus will fuel your passion if you find the occupation that can do that for you. Your focus in 2014 will be to find ways to motivate yourself continually and rekindle your enthusiasm for your work, for if you do, you will turn yourself into a standout.

You are currently moving into new, and at times, ambiguous territory where getting the right information is going to take some work, and in some cases will not be possible at all. Uranus can bring the kind of situations that have to be decided upon in the blink of an eye, creating a danger from lack of preparation or knowledge about standards, rules, and regulations. When it comes to business, you had to learn those rules before jumping in, even if you didn't have any interest in doing so, because if you didn't, or don't in the future, there would be consequences. You have your reading cut out for you, but you may have had to hire the right experts to advise you and also listen to "street talk," which will prove to be the most valuable of all. With so many planets in earth signs, being street savvy and practical will be important assets.
You will find out all the facts you need to know eventually and only after you are in the situation, but the sticky part is that you'll need to make certain decisions ahead of time. This has forced, and will continue to force, you to rely on your instincts. Fortunately, as a water sign, your intuition is your strong suit. Yet at the same time, the moon rules your sign, dear Cancer, and the moon causes you to vacillate, look back, and relentlessly second-guess yourself. No one would have fared better than you in the same situation (and could possibly have fared much worse), so there was no need to be hard on yourself. You are doing so well!
The Solution: Be Experimental and Innovative in Your Work

Uranus brings a disruptive, staccato (rather than a smooth) influence, so you may have made a career switch last year when you felt either bored, stagnating, or out of step with the spirit and needs of the times. With pressures as black and white as the ones you were feeling, you likely felt an overwhelming need to do something—anything! If you didn't change jobs or entire careers last year, you could at any time in the coming years.
If you discover you don't like the new position you took last year, you still may change it again this year, as experimentation often marks the once-in-a-lifetime trend that Uranus initiates over a seven-year period. Yet as mentioned, you aren't looking for just a job, but something much more ambitious—something you can fully embrace. You want a position where you can contribute knowledge, innovation, and leadership, and where you can make life better for others. You also will want your new work to be in alignment with your values. With Uranus in this house, it would be unlikely that you would work for a company known to pollute the water supply if protecting the environment is a priority for you. In other words, you will want to align your inner values to your public persona and life's work. Additionally, Uranus' journey through Aries puts a huge premium on independence and autonomy. You may have started, or may soon start, your own business, for Aries is the sign of the entrepreneur, and having your own shop would give you the freedom you crave. If you take a position working for others, be sure you won't be overly supervised, as this would be an instant turn-off and make you bolt in time.
Aries also is all about things new, so increasingly, you will be drawn to work in futuristic fields, such as in digital media, computerized cars, high-tech electronics, or any job that takes technology to new heights. The "green" industry fits that description, for sure. Uranus is also the planet said to represent the common man, the defender of rights, and of social reform. For these reasons you may be drawn to humanitarian/charitable/community or social work, or even to politics. The idea of hosting Uranus, a planet known to create upheaval, in your tenth house of fame, honors, and prestigious professional advancement until 2019 may sound daunting, but this can also be the miraculous career development you've long awaited.
Uranus can set you on top of the mountain, dear Cancer. This planet is capable of creating the conditions where you find the right setting to showcase your talents. It is said that Uranus in this house can make you quite famous in your industry or in the world at large. Uranus is associated with a powerful, ambitious, and passionate expression of individuality, innovation, talent, and brilliance. Mercury rules thinking, but Uranus is the higher octave to Mercury, bringing the brainy functions of thinking, perception, communication, and the generation of ideas to a whole new level—that of genius.
People born with this planet in their tenth house couldn't care less about what other people think or say about them, so freed from the need to be "liked" makes them able to turn convention on its ear and think outside the box. People with a strongly placed Uranus (as you have now) have a different yardstick for success, and it's internal. These people say their mission is to challenge the status quo as well as conventional thinking, and continually to ask why things have to be the traditional way. While I don't know where your natal Uranus is based in your birth horoscope, dear Cancer, I do know you will host Uranus in this lofty professional tenth house for many years—and in that respect, you will get to have a taste of what people who were born with this aspect experience.
The late Steve Jobs had natal Uranus in this tenth house of fame all during his life, the same place you will host Uranus from now until 2019. Steve was a Pisces with Virgo rising and had Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Cancer in his tenth house, giving him the gift of innovation and creativity. He is now hailed as an unconventional genius, a Thomas Edison of our time, but he was misunderstood and undervalued most of his life. He didn't care. He didn't let the critics who made fun of Apple during its formative years faze him, and he continued on his mission. Take inspiration from Steve Jobs!   
Because Uranus only comes by for a seven-year visit once in a lifetime, since its journey around the Sun takes 84 years, you will be given a rare opportunity to climb to the top of the mountain and make your mark. This planet will also see to it that you remain in front and ahead of the pack with the work that you do. Uranus will give you the chance to strut your stuff. You may be called idiosyncratic and maybe even difficult in the process—most highly successful leaders are called that and more—but what do you care? By the time you get to 2019, you will have found your place in the world, and your contribution will be undisputed. This won't happen all by itself—you have to want it and work to build your reputation, of course, but if you do, the sky's the limit for you, dear Cancer.


Cancer Love Horoscope in 2014

Saturn in Scorpio, Your Fifth House of True Love until December 2014. Romance certainly has been a touchy point for Cancer ever since Saturn, the "tough love" teacher planet, settled into your love sector in October 2012. Happily, Saturn will leave this area of your chart in early 23 December, 2014, so in the meantime, you are learning a great deal about matters of the heart.
Let's take a moment to review what might have happened in your love life since 2012 when Saturn first arrived in your fifth house of love and romance. The fifth house is all about romance and fun, but Saturn is all about hard work and sacrifice. As you see, hosting Saturn in that house is a bit like an astrological oxymoron, as Saturn is not exactly a lighthearted planet. Single Cancer were (and still are) among the most affected by this condition, for Saturn was in the house of brand new or newly ongoing love, not the house of established love and marriage. Saturn often brings enforced separations, often due to circumstances beyond our control. Here are some examples. If you are single and dating, you may have noticed that the only interesting person(s) you have met over the past two years were ones that were based in a city very far from yours. With Saturn in the fifth house, you would be prone to meet partners who (for example) were either living at a distance, in graduate school studying all the time, or need to travel a lot for work. There are other instances that would explain why your partner is unavailable. Your new love interest may not yet be divorced (or worse, not even planning to leave), or else may still be pining over a long lost breakup in a previous relationship. How frustrating! No matter how much time you have together now, it probably does not feel like enough time. There were obstacles, for sure.
If you are a parent, you may have experienced a different manifestation from Saturn. The fifth house rules the care and love of children, too. You may have been very worried about the welfare of one (or all) of your children lately, say, because you may have been going through a divorce and were worried about how your children would cope. Or, if you found that your child has a disorder and needs medical or psychological help, the time Saturn spent (and will continue to spend) in your fifth house was time to address that problem and get wise advice from professionals. If one child was not doing well in school, you may have opted for costly tutors to help your child get on his feet.  If you have an older child, say, in college or even who has graduated college, you may have had to give your son or daughter money or their former bedroom back to help your offspring survive economically.  With Saturn now touring your fifth house of children, you may have had (or may soon will have) to go into debt to help your child.

Not all situations required money, but rather time, which is still another precious resource Saturn rules. If you had your first baby during Saturn's stay, as one example, you may have found the changeover from single and free to married with baby to be a tricky transition. You may have been surprised to find out that babies need a lot more time and attention than you assumed! Saturn asks us to personally sacrifice things for a larger, more important goal, and here he is teaching you the value of delayed gratification. Concerning pregnancy, some Cancer experienced a different side to Saturn—the tendency to bring delays. In this case, you may have decided to delay a pregnancy because the time was not quite right to start a family. If that describes your situation, after Saturn leaves your fifth house in December you likely won't have as pressing a need to hold off starting your family as you did previously. Something will change, and it may make you very excited about inviting the stork to visit.

Be patient—Saturn will not bar you from finding love, having a baby, or finishing your project, but Saturn will set up a few obstacles to test your flexibility, adaptability, devotion, loyalty, maturity, and patience. By now you have become quite an expert at surviving Saturn's tests, and in 2014 you will still become more practical and experienced in dealing with these matters.

Jupiter is in Cancer and during The First Half of the Year, You are the Celestial Favorite. You may have looked high and low for your one true love over the past few years if you are single, and things may have turned up empty. You didn't have spectacular aspects for finding love, dear Cancer. It wasn't you—other parts of life were demanding your prime attention. Now, just when you were about to give up on love, a miracle arrives. You appear to be on the cusp of a fateful meeting; from January through July 27, 2014, your outlook for love has never been better. The ancient astrologers always wrote about how dazzling the year was when Jupiter visited our own sign. Life can't always be this special, but when it is, you must enjoy it to the fullest. Jupiter, the great benefactor planet, is now in Cancer and will give you a wild advantage in finding the person who is likely to be your one true love. Your period of opportunity may seem short, but it will be packed with incredibly potent vibrations. You'll feel confident, secure, and supremely attractive—all qualities considered aphrodisiacs when it comes to catching the eye of someone special. During the first half of 2014, you may be bewildered at the level of popularity you enjoy, but just give in to it. As I said earlier, this is a landmark year that will set the tone for many years to come!
In truth, Jupiter first entered Cancer last year, back on June, 2013, and has been in your sign ever since.  As January begins, Jupiter in Cancer will continue to ramp up and become increasingly stronger. You will have until July 27 to make exceptional progress. Have your wish list ready, because it's not if you will succeed, but when!
Many new faces will stream into your life now, adding a sensational level of excitement. Among the new people you meet will be at least one intriguing person you will want to get to know better. Your chances of finding love have never been better, so do your part by being open to new types and by circulating quite a bit during the first half of 2014. So as you see, romance could be wonderful for you, and truly, this is an area you are due for special consideration. Yet it goes beyond Jupiter—I haven't even scratched the surface as to why you should be excited by your romantic prospects. Money and career: Affluent Jupiter in Cancer says you’re golden right through to mid-July! Even after that your income zone is blessed and you’re feeling prosperous…but also extravagant. Heads up between September 19th to 26th when lucky strike Uranus joins in and you hit pay dirt in a completely unexpected kind of way. Take risks and just say yes to whatever opportunity is offered up at the time. It’s a fantastic year to start your own home-based business.

Cancer -Money in 2014

Saturn is in your fifth house, a house considered a house of creativity and other matters, but this house is also associated with financial speculation, specifically, money you would put in the stock market. So there is still another way things may have worked out for you with Saturn in your fifth house. This same area that we have talked about (that covers romance, love, and children) also covers your creative projects. You may find one assignment has taken more time and money to complete than you had previously estimated. Sometimes that happens, and you had little choice but to do what you had to do to maintain the integrity of the project and finish it.
Money—in terms of income and wealth—is found in a complex way in a chart. It is clear that your financial picture is improving in a gratifying way. Be careful about any speculative investments you make in the stock market, or in any risky business venture for that matter. In the coming year, go for tried-and-true stocks and deals and stay on the safe side. Of course, if you have a trusted broker or financial advisor, huddle with that person and take that person's advice.

I love the aspects of September 25, when Uranus will receive shimmering vibrations from Jupiter. Jupiter will be ensconced in your salary sector by then, so you'd have an excellent chance of seeing your income rise, perhaps when you get a surprise. This day will be nestled in between difficult ones, like a jewel surrounded by thorns, but you still can benefit if you carefully choose your day to initiate action.

Free Leo Horoscope (July 23 to August 22)

You’re a natural when it comes to self-expression and creativity. By the time March rolls around though, you’re challenged to communicate in new ways and on new levels. Start talking! Write, take short trips, enrol in a course, or teach one. At the same time, you’re going deeper in other areas of your life. Meditation, inner reflection or spiritual practices enable you to finally get rid of any deep-seated fears or self-sabotaging behaviours. You truly can change your whole life this year working from the inside out.  Your mantra for 2014 is: I choose to mine my inner resources.

Leo -Career Horoscope in 2014

They can find International Work Very Possible as the Borders of Your World Expand. Intellectual stimulation, through university study or travel abroad, will be bright and exciting from now on, for the electric planet, Uranus has fully settled into your ninth house to stay until March 2019. You will be eager for new subjects to tackle and learn about in many areas of your life. This glowing area of your chart rules attitude and opinion too, so during the coming years, as Uranus makes his journey through your expansive ninth house, your horizons will open wide. New opportunities will come up, and rather than view them in their most narrow sense, you will see them in their biggest, most panoramic potential. Later, looking back, you may wonder why you thought in such marginal terms.
You may suddenly decide to go back to college for an advanced degree or take a few college courses you think would be interesting. In months and years ahead, you will find increasing joy in debating and delving into politics, religion, culture, and other topics with friends. You will be more likely to pick up a book and devour the ideas of one or more great thinkers. You may become more spiritual or philosophical now, for the ninth house is the area of the chart that rules religion and many of life's mysteries, including such topics to consider as why were you born and what might be your greatest contribution to the world. This will be a wonderfully invigorating place for this planet of unexpected developments! Writing and speaking could be part of your future too, and if you've always wanted to create a successful screenplay or a best-selling book, in coming years this dream could come to be. If this thought appeals to you, focus on this dream and pretend you only have a year to make your screenplay or book contract materialize.  .
Travel, both distant and near, will likely form a bigger part of your future than it has, now with Uranus in your ninth house. When you do travel, you will likely go more spontaneously. You might even decide to live abroad for a time or go overseas to work. It's alternatively possible that you will begin to work with publishing or broadcasting companies abroad without ever having to leave your desk, and you'd still find the experience broadening and exciting.

Mars in Libra Will Bring Business Trips, Publicity, Contracts -Mars will remain in your third house, your travel sector, for an usually long time— until July 26, 2014—indicating that if you occasionally travel for work, you will be on the road more often than you have in years past. If you are in sales or management, your most lucrative clients will be based out of town within a short day's drive. It would be in your interest to have face time with your clients rather than do things over the phone or by email. You will travel mostly by car, bus, or rail and not as likely by air for the majority of your trips. If you are self-employed, you may decide to launch a very successful advertising or publicity campaign in the first half of the year—consider this option, and again, have everything ready to go by late April or early May. This is also true if you are employed by others and oversee advertising and promotional efforts for your company.
The third house, so lit up for you, also governs contracts, so you may find you are negotiating a lot of deals from March through May, 20. In that case, do not sign while Mercury is retrograde (from February 6 to February 28, from June 7 to July 1, from October 4 to October 25),
The emphasis on your third house could also indicate that your sister or brother will play a prominent role in the coming year. You may be working together in a business or special project, or you may be planning a personal surprise together, such as a reunion or anniversary party for your parents. There are many possibilities. Mars in this area of your chart might bring conflicts with a sibling from time to time too, but, fortunately, Mars in Libra blends beautifully with your Leo Sun, so chances are your relationship will go smoothly.

Venus Retrograde (January 1 to January 31)
Venus Rules Your Tenth House of Career—Expect to Backpedal .This year is a minefield of weak, retrograde planets, so you have to sidestep them. When Venus is retrograde, the company you are talking to may be undergoing a reorganization and temporarily be unsure of what to do. In fact, the company may have a hiring freeze. Or top executives may be out of town and the hiring process may temporarily stall while they are away. You won't be able to initiate any actions until January 31, however, because Venus will go retrograde from January 1 to January 31.
What Venus does matters to you because Venus rules your solar tenth house of career success. It's as if gentle Venus will give you all she's got after January, when, being completely exhausted, she will collapse in a heap and need 4 weeks to recover! She'll head to her boudoir to sleep and have her "Do Not Disturb" sign on her door. As soon as Venus closes her door, you may hit a career snag, or you may simply find that VIPs are hard to reach or are indecisive. This is not good, because Venus controls your career progress in your solar chart. This shows how accurate your aim has to be in January, if you are to nab the top career spot then. The coming year has a lot of booby trap days, and you will have to navigate around these difficult periods carefully. Your brilliant stellar days will be lodged in between very difficult days. As long as you note the special days and avoid the difficult retrograde periods, you will navigate successfully.

Leo Love Horoscope in 2014

With Jupiter in Leo Love Improves Enormously - Attached Leo Will Have Relationship News and See Progress .One of the sweetest of all benefits from having Jupiter in Leo (from July 27, 2014 to August 11, 2015) is that your chances to find your true beloved have never been better. Astrologers consider having Jupiter in your own sign to be the best to engender true love. If you assumed it would take a miracle to find the right person to love, well, keep in mind that Jupiter rules miracles, too.

Have an open mind and circulate in the second half of the year when you will have an open road to experience breathtaking romance. What you are starting in 2014 is nothing less than a brand new twelve-year cycle, one that will carry you forward into the next decade and beyond.

Aside from this, we also need to look at the movements of Venus and Mars, those cosmic lovers that add sugar and spice to our lives. Venus will grace Leo from August 12 to September 5, a great time to freshen up your look for the coming season so that you will be confident when you step out. When it comes to love, Venus is the so-called "lazy" planet. Gentle Venus teaches the value of using charm and magnetism, not force or an assertive attitude, to draw the object of your affections to you. You certainly will have the power to bring anyone you choose under your spell at this time, so try out your magical powers at that time, dear Leo. You'll be unstoppable. This would be a great time to improve your appearance —change your hairstyle or change the color (men might want to banish grey or get rid of a beard.) With Venus in your sign, changes you make to your appearance will be ones you love and will garner you lots of compliments and attention.

Saturn in Scorpio Affect Home, Family, and Property-Related Matters
You may notice that in 2014, you would like to have a home of your own. Or, if you already have one, now that you are coming up in the world and have a bit more money, you would like to spend some on your home to make it more comfortable and reflective of your taste. Saturn's move into Scorpio, in October 2012, a place it has not occupied since 1982-1985, have the effect of making you yearn for more home stability, for Saturn makes us all take the long-term view. You may now decide you don't want to rent forever, and you may start to save for a house. Saturn usually requires sacrifice, so you may give up pleasures like eating out and going to shows and clubs to fatten up your bank account to save for a down payment. The reason Saturn requires sacrifice is that Saturn asks us to choose between values—in choosing between long- and short-term gratifications we reveal our true aspiration. Saturn knows that we value most what we work hardest to achieve.
While Saturn will tour your fourth house of home from October 2012 to September 2015, you may encounter frustrating conditions related to home. For example, if you hoped to sell a house, you may find that the only bids you receive are too low to consider. If you are looking for an apartment to buy or rent, it may seem that all the apartments the broker is showing you in the neighborhood you want to live are small and dark spaces, barely worth the money. Saturn is known to bring these types of situations to bear, so you need to expect that. You might want to allow more time to sell or buy, because you may have to wait a long time to find the right situation.
If you do buy, be sure you can afford the mortgage. Saturn sometimes brings a feeling of temporary burden or hardship while paying for all the costs associated with buying a home. You will do well in your career this year, but be smart about the house or condo you choose by buying one you can comfortably afford. Sometimes the "burden" happens accidentally.  Another tendency of Saturn is to isolate. Saturn makes us feel like we are alone on a desert island so that we can stand on our own, feel the power of our determination, and find answers. Saturn brings stability, and also burdens, but usually for only the length of time that Saturn stays in the area of the chart it visits, and the kicker is, whatever Saturn demands is often worth the price, as the long-term benefit is the prize.
The area of home in that chart also rules all the people associated with the home—a roommate, landlord, broker, decorator, architect, but especially parents. It is alternatively possible that you will be taking on the care of an elderly parent, or someone you think of as a parent, during the time Saturn spends in Scorpio, October 2012 to September 2015. You may give freely of your time and attention to help your beloved mother or father, and if so, it is your time to do so. Even if you have sisters and brothers who could help out, for some reason, the task of helping will fall to you. Be cheerful about it—you will learn a great deal, and your parent will be so grateful.
I suppose I should add that you might encounter a hard time getting along with one family member while Saturn, starting in October 2012, has moved through this house. This is painful for me even to suggest. Family can be such a joyous part of life, for when a family is working properly, all members come together to help the one family member in need, to provide love, emotional support, care, and even money when necessary. (The person with whom you have difficulties might be a roommate who keeps eating your lamb chops and drinking your favorite red wine, or a psycho landlord, so let's keep this in perspective! In these types of cases, you can be careful about whom you invite to be your roommate, or check with other tenants the background on your perspective landlord!).Keep in mind that Saturn is the great teacher and always has something to show you, to enlighten you. In time you may come to understand your parents from another point of view, for Saturn may bring a completely new perspective. If this happen to you, while it won't necessarily come easily—Saturn makes us work for our enlightenment—when it does come, it will change you for the better, forever

Leo Money Horoscope in  2014

This year one of the big features has to do with Neptune into Pisces, the sign it rules, and your eighth house of other people's money (also called the house of joint resources) where he will stay  until January 2026. You've never experienced Neptune in Pisces, for the last time this planet visited this sign was between 1847 and 1862, which was, if you recall history, a time of the blossoming of some rare and beautiful artistic expression in music, poetry, painting, and other cultural arts. Neptune is known to bring inspiration. It is a planet always linked to creativity, so in the coming years, you may start to make a tidy sum from your artistic creations, or from working in the creative realm, even as support staff (say, from accounting or human resources, or as an agent or manager). The fact that Neptune will be in Pisces means that Neptune will be in its home base, the sign it rules, and will express its most loving, sterling, and outstanding qualities in this sign. Deriving your income from the arts or from products of your imagination would be an ideal way to use Neptune in Pisces. As long as you stay practical, earthy, and real in all your expectations (and negotiations), you can make a killing from your artistic talents.
Your eighth house, where Neptune is, rules credit cards, loans, lines of credit, venture capital, taxes, inheritance, divorce settlements and child support, commissions, bonuses, and so forth. These are the areas that may become uncertain. An inheritance may be unclear and take time to sort out, or an insurance claim may bring problems and lots of extra paperwork to settle. Or it may simply be that the insurance company is dragging its heels to avoid the proper payout, in which case you might hire an ombudsman or your lawyer to help.
There is another, less positive manifestation that might occur from Neptune in the eighth house, however, and that is that Neptune can bring his characteristic fog to financial matters, obscuring important details. To counteract this, from the very start insist on looking at all financial statements and have the right to audit all statements if you suspect something is wrong, or if you have questions. It may sound unromantic to do a credit check on a proposed romantic partner before marriage, but considering Neptune's position, I suggest you do it. The same would be true if you are taking on a business partner or are working with another firm to share profits. Do your due diligence. You may want to hire a reputable financial advisor or accountant during this phase, but if you are good at financial management, this may not be necessary. These are the areas of possible problems in years ahead, but if you secure the hatches, you should be fine. As said, the arts will be a possible area of considerable profit, so perhaps you can make use of that side of Neptune in Pisces.

Free Virgo Horoscope (August 23 to September 22)

This year is all about self-sufficiency. You’re being challenged to rely less on the support of others and more on developing your own resources. This isn’t just about money either. You’re in the process of finding that sense of inner peace, security and esteem that comes from self-reliance. In this process your values shift too, as you become more discerning about where you’re willing to invest your time and money. This is the year you get to do it your way. Your mantra for 2014 is: I choose to trust myself.

Virgo Career Horoscope in 2014

The Second Half of 2014: Jupiter in Leo Heralds a Time of Introspection—Preparation for Your Golden Cycle August 2015 to August 2016 .In the second half of the year it would be important to prepare for your important golden year, when Jupiter moves to Virgo in August 2015, which will herald a year of reward and good fortune. To get you ready, the universe has initiated a powerful period of relative quiet and calm. You need to think, revamp your priorities, and generally make a plan. You will have a year to do so, but don't sit back and think, "I'll get to it eventually" because time moves quickly and you'll be distracted by many career events taking place all year.
In the second half of the 2014, you will likely see certain elements of your life swept away. This is a clearing out of the clutter and debris that you have built up since your last Jupiter-in-Leo visit from mid-2002 to mid-2003. Some of the things taken away may no longer interest you, but a few will be elements—people, projects, even possessions—that form the foundation of your present life. At first, you may be alarmed, but there is no need to feel that way. You life is about to become revitalized from the bottom up. It is the way of Jupiter to empty your basket now (July 2014 to August 2015) so that it can be filled with newer and better goodies next year. You may feel you need what is being taken away, but you don't. You will see the truth of this later. Have faith in the wisdom of the universe. Saturn will be in Scorpio and your third house of thinking and contractual matters. You may be working on a writing or speaking project, or a current work may be translated into other languages at this time. There are other kinds of languages—your new assignments may involve computer language—and you may be coding software or an app. Virgo often enjoys writing, so you might begin research or actual work on a book or thesis, and if so, that would be an excellent choice, for you'd give your venture all the concentration it deserves. Saturn in Scorpio  is in what is called a "mutual reception" with Pluto, meaning Pluto and Saturn will buddy up like two best friends, and help you bring a creative project into being, and it will be one that has fantastic profit potential.


Virgo Love Horoscope in 2014

There is a reason to be optimistic, for you have one of the most powerful planets in the solar system—Pluto—in your solar sector of true love (fifth house). In 2008, Pluto arrived in your fifth house of true love to remain until 2024. You have never experienced Pluto here before—he has not been in Capricorn since the days of the American Revolution! Ever since Pluto arrived in your most romantic sector, you began to crave deeper passion and commitment in a romantic partner. Pluto wants all-or-nothing commitment, and you hoped to find that kind of love. Friends may have told you that you were unrealistic to expect this level of passion, but in fact, you can. Pluto would expect nothing less.
Love will come to you if you look for it! If you want a baby, you may conceive, adopt, or give birth this year, or hear very happy news about a child you have now.  Pluto will remain in Capricorn, your house of true love, for many years, ensuring that you are on a path of transformation, starting from the bottom up.  Also in the first half, Jupiter will be in fellow aqua sign Cancer (until July 17) and supporting your every move. If you are in love and have found your one true love, travel will be a fine way to fan the fires of love and jumpstart a relationship that has become a tad dull and too predictable. If so, I recommend you travel in early May if possible—it's a time made in heaven for your love life.
Love and travel to exciting international locations go hand in hand in 2014, so consider taking a foreign trip abroad with your one-and-only. Go to a city new to you both—explore the world together! If you are in the US, keep in mind Canada and Mexico "count" as foreign, as do some of the beautiful islands close to your home if you're outside the US, so you need not go too far to be in a setting that is refreshing and good for you. Now let's talk about Neptune. Over the last two years, you've hosted Neptune in your seventh house of closest relationships while it toured Pisces, but this is not an easy place to host Neptune. Neptune is the beautiful butterfly—the planet of inspiration and dreams—but it can be impossible to hold on to, and in a moment, the vision can vanish. Neptune opposed your Sun if you are born in first days of Virgo, a difficult placement, for Neptune is known to add confusion by tossing a veil over reality. That can be romantic, but  it can suggest that you never quite viewed your significant other in the true light of day. You may have built a lovely impression of your partner, only to find out later that you had created an idea or story around someone that was not real. Neptune can be inspirational and extremely romantic, so you may have assigned your partner all sorts of glowing attributes that he or she did not deserve, simply out of love (in a romantic relationship) or admiration (business). If this is the way Neptune manifested life while touring your seventh house, now, you may have an awakening soon. It will be a slow process. Like water lapping against rocks that slowly wears down their jagged edges and create smooth, polished stones, it will take time. The disparity between how you wanted to see your partner and how you must view your partner now might be striking. At times over the past two years, you may have been happy to look the other way, to refuse to see flaws in your partner because it was simply too painful. You wanted to be supportive, so you may have made a litany of excuses for your partner. Or it may have been that you were being realistic, but your partner was the one who was not.
There was also a small possibility that substance abuse on the part of your significant other complicated your relationship. I never like to raise this possibility—it may not fit, so do not become anxious if you saw no evidence of this. Neptune rules alcohol and drugs, so this is only a possibility for some cases. The seventh house, where Neptune is, is a house of commitment, so it is the prime marriage house, but it also rules promises made to a partner or collaborator in a business. (Please note: Commitment can be in terms of business, any special relationship you share with an expert, such as with your agent, manager, lawyer, publicist, or in a joint venture with a whole other company. I could have put part of this discussion in your business horoscope, but most, though not all, people feel this energy through marriage or any other type of solid, committed romantic relationship.)
Not everyone found Neptune in the seventh house difficult. Many Virgo are highly creative, and with Neptune here, you may have forged a fabulously successful partnership, alliance, or collaboration to tackle one or more highly creative assignments. You may have had a great writing partner, or if you are a photographer, you may have worked with a creative director on certain projects that dazzled. If you feel your partner stole the stars from the night sky and all your expectations of romantic love, it may take a long time to recover, but the point is, you can heal and move on. If you felt the collaboration you had with a partner on a creative project was exciting and stimulating, for instance one where you wrote the script for a movie or theatrical show, even though the alliance may soon end, all that you learned from each other will stay with you forever. You might decide to work together again in the future, but perhaps not in the way you had in the past. It's time to move on, to grow by experiencing new things and new relationships.
The difficulty arose because Neptune is the mythological guardian of the sea. The way Neptune works is to dissolve and cleanse slowly over time. This planet's basically watery association is anathema to your fiery Virgo element—you are ruled by the Mercury, the planet of thinking —but Neptune's waters in your seventh house (even though Virgo is an earth sign, as I just mentioned) may have brought one important individual, who, at times, completely doused your spirit as you dealt with him or her over time. I feel you will do better  in 2014 —you will see others more realistically. Some marriages or partnerships will dissolve under the weight of the heavy snow that has built up on the roof that sheltered your relationship.
Neptune sometimes manifests in terms of a need to sacrifice one's own needs for the betterment of another. Again, this may have worked in one of two ways. If this is how Neptune asserted its message in your seventh house, then you may have been glad to do so. If your partner was very ill, you did so joyfully and in a loving way. If you felt forced, however, you may have felt you were continually compromising your own needs and security for your partner's happiness, and although you did whatever was asked of you to ensure it, you may, over time, have felt that you were asked to give too much.

Virgo Money Horoscope in 2014

You will still have to be careful about money matters because Uranus will remain in your financial house until March 2019. Long trends like this are meant to help you change ingrained patterns and find new ways to protect yourself. This planet of unanticipated events—Uranus—will begin a dispute with Pluto this coming year. Uranus will have his first argument with Pluto on April 21, and the other will occur on December 15, 2014, so it would not be wise to sign contracts near those dates.  You need not wait until these two dates April 21 and December 15, 2014 come up, as these two planets are already close enough to "hear" one another now (in the mathematical sense). Uranus will be disputing with Pluto until March 2015. Don't freak out—compared with what you have been through in recent years, this trend will not be as severe. I cannot see everything in your chart, but from where I sit, this seems to be less difficult.
To cope, you will have to keep an eye on money you owe and pay on time. Take all financial responsibilities you accept seriously. You will always need to have a backup plan in place, as this trend will bring all sorts of ups and downs and holds the possibility for sudden reversals. In your personal life, if you are married or living with someone, you might not want a joint checking account. You can have such an account to pay certain predetermined household expenses, but you may want to have a personal checking account, too. There are other possible examples of the types of problems you may face. If you regularly receive child support, conditions with your spouse could change suddenly, causing support payments to stop or become sporadic. If you are selling your house, realize that the buyer may not be able to qualify for a mortgage, so don't count your chickens before they hatch. With taxes, be honest and do not take risks—you could be audited at any point in the coming years, and you will have to defend decisions you make now.
Be alert and present in all financial dealings; it would not be wise to be absent when others make monetary decisions on your behalf. If you like, hire a trusted, reputable expert that you have vetted, such as a lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor. Ask questions and keep your guard up. Before you get married, know the credit score and tax situation of your lover, as unromantic as that might sound. If you let down your guard, you may wind up suffering losses. As one example, you may be forced to help pay off a large credit card debt or the taxes of your spouse. If you stay alert and practical, you should be able to avoid problems. I give you this advice because unpredictable Uranus will remain in your house of joint resources until 2019.
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