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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Easiest way to Predict Your Risk for Heart Disease and Death


Simple Hand-Grip Test for Heart Disease in 2015

Wow this is very useful research and will help many peoples to know about their Risk for Heart Disease. It turns out that a very similar test can also predict someone’s risk for heart attack, stroke and a shorter life, according to a recently published study in the health journal The Lancet. The hand grip test is cheap, easy and out-performs some traditional methods for predicting one’s risk of death by cardiovascular disease, according to lead researcher Dr. Darryl Leong of McMaster University in Canada.

 Easiest way to Predict Your Risk for Heart Disease and Death in 2015

New Research

 The study is noteworthy because it tracked the health outcomes of almost 140,000 people across 17 economically diverse countries, which is by far the largest and most comprehensive analysis of the hand grip test’s ability to predict future mortality, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Study participants first tested their grip strength with a device called a dynamometer, and then researchers followed up with them after an average of four years to see how they were doing in terms of health. Leong found that every five-kilogram reduction in grip strength (about 11 pounds) from the average was linked to a 16 percent increased risk of death, a 17 percent increased risk of cardiovascular death, a 9 percent increase in stroke and a 7 percent increase in heart attack.  These findings held even as researchers accounted for factors that could potentially be skewing the results, including differences in age, sex, education level, diet, exercise, prior disease and body mass index, to name a few. More crucially, the handgrip test was better able to predict a person’s risk certain outcomes than the more traditional means of doing so -- that is, measuring systolic blood pressure or inquiring about physical activity levels.

 Easiest way to Predict Your Risk for Heart Disease and Death in 2015

"Grip strength was better than blood pressure and activity levels at predicting death," explained Leong in an email to HuffPost. "It was as good as blood pressure and better than activity levels at predicting death from heart disease or stroke, and it was not as good as blood pressure, but better than activity levels at predicting heart disease and stroke (including non-fatal heart disease ad stroke)." The research hints at the important role muscle tone and strength play in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and not just because more muscle strength means less physical disability, wrote Professor Avan Aihie Sayer of the University of Southampton in a commentary that accompanied Leong’s study. However, Leong’s population-based study wasn’t able to provide any explanation for the link between the two because of the limitations of this kind of association research. "Poor muscle strength has been proposed to directly affect mortality through its association with

 Easiest way to Predict Your Risk for Heart Disease and Death in 2015

increased disability,” wrote Sayer. "However, the findings from [the study] suggest that associations with cardiovascular disease and its risk factors might be an additional pathway.” In other words, Sayer explained, the link between muscle strength and heart health suggests some kind of “mechanistic explanation” for how one lifts the other, but no one has yet uncovered it. Currently, the hand grip test is not standard in clinical exams, but Leong thinks that the cheap, simple hand grip test can be especially useful to assess risk of death in people with pneumonia, cancer or heart disease, as his study found that low grip strength in these patients was linked to a high risk of dying from their disease, but high grip strength indicated a better outcome. "We also expect it may be a useful test in low-resource settings, where access to more sophisticated tests is limited," Leong concluded. "One of the challenges in knowing where to use it lies in not knowing what we can do to improve it, so we really need to undertake more research."

Muscle strength has been linked to early death and sickness in past studies, but it’s unclear whether strengthening one’s muscles can lead to a decrease in the risk for cardiovascular disease, or whether muscular strength indicates physical fitness and thus a healthy heart. Further research is needed to confirm this cause-and-effect relationship, concluded Leong.


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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Save money with Home Made Weeds Killer for your green lawn


Cheap and Home Made Weeds Killer


Just as we all are starting to enjoy our beautiful green lawn after a long winter, we are all noticing that weeds are popping up everywhere. Do not despair! Instead read this blog to finds out some homemade and cheap ways to control nasty weeds on your lawn


1. Homemade Vinegar mix for weeds


In light of my recent discussion of nasty chemicals on grass, you can imagine that I was excited to see this simple recipe to make my own, non-toxic weed killer spray:


8 cups (2 litres) white vinegar

1/2 cup. (50ml) salt

4 tbsp (50 ml) dishwasher liquid


Dissolve the salt in the vinegar, and then add 2 tbsp of liquid dish detergent. Store this in a labelled spray bottle.

Pour in spray bottle, mix gently and spot spray each weed. May harm grass so only spot spray directly on weeds.


2. Liquid Dish Detergent


Make a soap solution of 1 part liquid dish detergent to 10 parts water. Soak weeds with this mix.

 Save money with Home Made Weeds Killer for your green lawn


3. Boiling Water


Plug in the kettle, bring it to a boil then pour the hot water over weeds (you’re basically cooking the weed to death).


4. Lemon Juice


 Either use straight lemon juice or try 1/2 cup lemon juice mixed with 1 quart household vinegar. This works much the same way as straight vinegar, but lemon juice is more expensive. I would only use this if I had more lemon juice on hand than I knew what to do with.


5. Corn Gluten Meal (this is different than corn meal)


This is an all-natural weed and feed product that deter weeds spreading by seed. This is Effective on crabgrass, dandelions, curly dock, knotweed, lambs quarters, pigweed, plantain and other weeds. This can be used on lawns, flowerbeds, bulb beds and vegetable gardens.
 Save money with Home Made Weeds Killer for your green lawn


Some other Tips for Weed Control


  • Many natural remedies and weed killer products will not only kill weeds dead, but they may also kill surrounding grass, plants and flowers. When using a recipe, make sure to apply to the weed only (keep in mind that liquids will saturate and seep into the ground where roots from favoured plants may be able to reach).
  • Use weed killers when there’s no sign of rain for at least a day or two, hot sunny weather will give you best results.
  • For weed control in gardens and flower beds, consider laying newspapers and mulch in and around your plants–the weeds will have a difficult time rooting and spreading.
  • Weed growth is greatly reduced when using the “No Dig” method of gardening The idea is to make a foundation of compost/mulch then only use soil where you plant (make a hole in the mulch, stick a handful or two of dirt inside then plant the seedling).
      Save money with Home Made Weeds Killer for your green lawn
  • Did you know: Many weeds are used in home remedies for all sorts of things and some are even edible and tasty! For example, dandelions can be used to make a delicious syrup, wine or jelly, while plantains can be crushed and used to reduce itching from mosquito bites or relieve pain from bee stings. Take some time to research the weeds in your area and you may find some pretty clever ways to make them useful–you may just decide to let a few weeds live and flourish in certain parts of your yard.
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