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Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 Free Horoscope related to Jobs, Love and Finances (Detail Forecasts from Aries to Pisces)

2015 Free Horoscope

First of all I want to wish my readers a very happy new year 2015. This is my 3rd article on 2015; in this article you will find free prediction about your horoscope. When I checked my horoscope for 2015, I found that for me 2015 will show lot of up and down. If you want check yours, you can find here in general 2015 Horoscope (Predictions) for all zodiac signs. In this part one you will find predictions for Aries, Taurus and Gemini. You will also how your money, jobs and love life will do in 2015.

Free Aries Horoscope 2015 (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Aries -Jobs and Career in 2015

2015 Free Horoscope related to Jobs, Love and Finances (Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces)

In the first half of 2015 those of you who were born any time between April 1 and 20 will be able to find a new job which will be satisfactory in terms of compensation. You’ll notice that your new responsibilities will be much more interesting and way more promising and the salary as a reward for such an interesting and perspective job way too generous.

Those of you who will prefer keeping their current job will get a wonderful chance to showcase their skills and talents during the second half of the year. You can count on new responsibilities and higher salary as a result. You may also be given more authority. Unfortunately, this will hardly be a breakthrough in your career, but you’ll definitely conquer your first managerial height. The second half of the year when Jupiter moves to the Zodiac of Virgo will prove more successful for Aries’ career development; you will be able to showcase your best organizational qualities. During the periods of January 21-February 11, April 19-May 11 and September 17-October 9 you will have to be more active, attentive, diligent and communicable at work. Those of you who work with paperwork will have to be extremely careful when drafting contracts – any mistake can tarnish your good reputation and even cost you a bonus or some of your salary. It is also advisable to keep your current job during this period of time since it will be quite problematic for you to find a new promising position.

2015 Free Horoscope related to Jobs, Love and Finances (Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces)

Those Persons who were born any time between April 3 and 6 should be composed and focused when interacting with their management: you may lose your job because of a conflict or personal distastes. Entrepreneurial Persons who were born during this time should try to keep their business up-to-date in order to avoid future losses.
The Persons-entrepreneurs should establish new partnership connections in the first half of 2015. The chances are your old partners will start changing things on you and you won’t be happy about it. In the first half of the year your business may expand; you may be thinking of conquering new segments of the market and you may also have profitable contracts signed. Don’t lose such an opportunity.

Aeries-Love and Relationships in 2015


During practically all 2015 you will feel like plunging into new love affairs head first. During the period of February 21-March 19 many Persons will be burning with desire of love and romance. You will become attractive to the opposite sex since your best qualities will be shining through. Even married Aries will find it hard to resist the temptation of returning a compliment or responding to flirting. Single Persons can freely start new relationships – they hold a promise of much romance, affection and sensuality. The feelings that will be lit during this time can make you soar. But be careful: passion can burn out as fast as it lights up and you may end up with a deep wound in your heart. During this time try to pay more attention to yourself, your own needs and wishes instead of giving it all to your partner.
During the period of June 6-July 18 and from August 1 till October 9 many Persons’ feelings and relations will be tested for strength. During this time married Aries should stay faithful to their life partners and resist temptations; single Persons should not be fighting over trifles with those dear to their heart. Your relations will not fall apart, but a grain of mistrust may sprout and it will long poison your feelings. During this time those Persons who parted ways with their other halves will have a wonderful opportunity to restore their relations. You may notice that the feelings you thought were long dead will explode with former passion and your partner won’t mind starting it all over again. If you have wanted someone back, you should use this period to have your feelings resurrect. Those of you who decide to break up during these days may be horribly mistaken about their loved ones. The Persons who are married or in a long-term relationship will have to take a difficult test to determine just how strong their feeling truly are. Your current relationship may be lacking some edge, some flavour; you’ll feel like looking for new experiences, emotions and love excitement on a side. If you make this search your goal, you’ll absolutely find the relations filled with passion and fire. However, you should be careful since you are running the risk of having your wings burnt by the flame of love.
In the period of November 9-December 6 of 2015 single Aries may not only find its other half, but set a wedding date, too. This is a wonderful period for starting new relations. Be prepared to find the love you’ve always been dreaming of.

Aeries-Money in 2015

The year of 2015 promises to be quite successful for Aries in the financial sense of the word. In the first half of the year you may count on money inflow from various unconventional sources: this maybe some money from your children, expensive gifts from your loved ones or money generated by your favorite hobby. You may earn some money other than at work and this income may prove to be even greater than your average monthly wages.
However, things are not as smooth as they may seem. During the period of June 15-September 18 you may face the issues associated with old loans, debts and credits. If you don’t want to get unpleasant surprises try to pay off all loans including those issued by the government. It is recommended that you hold off borrowing money in the summer months – you’ll find it very hard to give it back in the future. If you lend money to someone, you may spend long time looking for a borrower in order to get your hard-earned money back.

During July 25-September 8 the Persons should control their expenditures. During this time you’ll be prone to buying all sorts of “necessary” things which will soon collect dust on the shelves somewhere in a closet, but now can do a severe damage to your budget. You should avoid making large gifts now – there’s a risk that no one will appreciate them. You’ll have to spend much more money on your kids and entertainment. In order to protect your budget try to control your indulging since desired emotions cannot be bought for money.
In the second half of 2015 when Jupiter moves into the Zodiac of Virgo the Aries can expect a salary increase. Also, you may find a better paying job if this is something you have been planning for. The following periods are the most favorable for the Persons’ large investments: January 10-February 2, April 21-May 9 and December 6-30. It is best to buy something for your home or make real estate purchases during May 8-June 5.

Free Horoscope-Taurus (April 20 to May 20)
All 2015 long Taurus will be seeking, finding, losing and making yet another attempt to discover that single right particle, hidden meaning, its own holy grail capable of transforming its life into something different; something that is still beyond your comprehension! Do you think you’ll be able to do it? Will you be allowed to be heard by heavens this time? Why indeed does it have to be so complicated?
2015 Free Horoscope related to Jobs, Love and Finances (Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces)

It must be said that matters of higher existence have always be of interests for somewhat exalted Taurus, but life goes on and if, as they say, devil is in the detail, we should look at other aspects of 2015. It should also be noted that apart from eternal searching which is innately characteristic of your sign, the year of 2015 will produce mixed results in various spheres of your life.

In the first half of 2015 you will be able to note that slow pace and steady rhythm of life are so comfortable that you’ll be ready to stay like this forever. If possible, be sure to grab an opportunity and have a proper rest, go to the resort, to the country to visit your old folks or anywhere else really – the important thing is not to stay in the city. By going away, not only will you clear your mind, but be able to avoid some conflict situations that might arise at home. Moreover, soon you won’t have any chance to rest at all: events of the first spring months will require your direct involvement and the situation will be so intense that idleness will be the last thing on your mind.

Many Taurus will solve their ill-fated housing problem in the course of 2015. Those of you who don’t have your own home will have a chance to buy one. If, however, you are already a lucky owner or a piece of property, you will feel like improving it. You may end up moving to a larger home or start ambitious renovation. You will want to better your home and make it even more comfortable and beautiful. Large acquisitions for your home as well as large spending on the renovation that you will most likely spare no expense on are probable. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t keep old things, outdated furniture and everything else you don’t use. You’ll have a chance to buy new things as soon as you make room for them after throwing out everything old and useless.

2015 Free Horoscope related to Jobs, Love and Finances (Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces)
In the summer of 2015 when Saturn decides to shift into the Zodiac of Scorpio for some months, Taurus’ enthusiasm may subside. This won’t be for long, though. Moreover, if during summer months old problems resurface, this will only signify that you must finalize unfinished business. If you choose to leave it as is, the chances are several years down the road they may give you one big headache. During summer do your best to get rid of everything obsolete and in need of being utilized. Even if it’s something dear to your heart; some old relationship; even if it’s a small debt you owe to your friend; or the responsibility or a secret you swore to keep. In other words, if, dear Bulls, there is something in your life that makes you feel uneasy and doesn’t allow you to advance any further, do your best to get rid of the poison that spoils your life and wouldn’t let you build your Destiny. It will certainly be difficult both mentally and physically. And what did you expect? It is easy to acquire negative stuff – it sticks to you on its own as if it were a clinging burr. This is not surprising since by sharing their problems with you, others make things easier for themselves. The Chinese say, “Remember: there are always at least three persons next to you ready to share their troubles”. But, as soon as you make a final decision that you’ve had enough of carrying someone’s burden for them, you’ll instantly feel as if the heavy load of responsibility was removed from your shoulders and you can breathe easier – you now can move along.


Taurus-Job and career in 2015

In the first half of 2015 many things may indicate that you could be much more successful if you were to apply your talents in a different field. You may start thinking of changing the company you work for as a bare minimum. Your unwillingness to change your life may stimulate the possibility of making more money by having less workload in a new position. But be careful: the period of January-the second decade of July will be favorable for changing your work place. But during the following period of the third decade of July and the first decade of September the horoscope for 2015 does not recommend you look for a new job since you run the risk of getting an opposite effect of that you had in mind before switching jobs. Taurus will be able to find a good job during the following periods: January 4-February 20, April 12-May 8 and November 9-December 6.
The Bulls born in the period of April 26-30 and May 4-11 may start thinking of realizing their talents in business. A productive period is about to begin in your life when you can entice people with your ideas and opinions and will be able to successfully pitch whatever you like. The year of 2015 promises to be very interesting for the Bulls-entrepreneurs – they will be full of new ideas and projects. Significant career evolvement awaits the Bulls who sell perfumes, makeup, designers’ clothes and other beauty/art items. Also, those whose business is intertwined with creativity will be able to expand it in the second half of the year.

The Bulls born any time between May 9 and May 21 should pay special attention to their career moves and social realization. By making its way back into the Zodiac of Scorpio this summer, Saturn will have a significant impact on your horoscope. You will be able to note that career-advancing issues just wouldn’t solve themselves during this period of time. You are also advised to be careful if you cherish your current job and be very diligent when distributing work funds during summer months if you don’t want the financial problems to get you fired. During 2015 many Bulls will find it hard to get promoted to a managerial position. But it will be quite easy for them to lose it. Thus, don’t try your Destiny and cherish what you have.

Taurus-Love and Relationships in 2015


During 2015 many Taurus will have to change their private life by making a personal effort or due to circumstances.  Single Taurus who are born any time between May 4 and May 12 and longing for marriage will have such an opportunity. You may be surprised by how dynamic and fast your new relations will be. Don’t wait long to make a decision to get married – a new status will allow you to drastically change your life for the better. Married Taurus who were born during the indicated period will also experience new emotions in their relations. If you have been married for a long time and feel that it has started to burden you, you may decide to ask for a divorce in 2015. And don’t be sad about being alone: as soon as you make a decision to part ways or tell your partner about it, new relations will start pouring into your life. Thus, loneliness is not in the cards for you – don’t be afraid of it. Those Taurus whose relations are sturdy will note that their union is evolving: apart from spiritual closeness, you may be united by a common goal, project and a promising business endeavour.  During April 1-May 12 Taurus will be actively looking for its other half. Without even noticing, you’ll be showing more interest in the opposite sex; you’ll be provoking someone you like to act a certain way toward you and you can absolutely count on new romantic relations which will not only give you a surge of wonderful emotions, but may lead to a new family.

Anytime from June 15 till September 18 of 2015 married Taurus should be especially considerate toward their partners. Your relations may cool off slightly; you may not care about your partner’s opinion or you may be unwilling to do things together. But this doesn’t mean a separation is brewing; this only indicates that you should solve the problems that you encountered in the past and that were not fully solved back then. Perhaps, you will have to make certain compromises or accept some concessions even if they are hardly to your advantage. But family life is exactly that: it consists of compromises and concessions; otherwise, a normal productive union is not possible.

During the period of September 26-November 12 single Taurus will have a chance to find new love and new relations. You will be drawn to those partners who have a potential to become your spouse. Be active during this time if you want to have a successful personal life.


Taurus-Money in 2015

You will have to embrace the main quality of your Zodiac sign: frugality and fundamentality. Stars will give you an opportunity for that, however, much will depend on your ability to properly distribute your funds and successfully multiply them. You are likely to buy real estate/piece of land during the year. You will also want to make some changes in your place or do some renovations. You may relax – you will have money for it. During the summer months you should pay more attention to solving the issues associated with banks, loans and credits. It is during the period of June 15 and September 18 that you’ll have a chance to borrow money under the bets conditions possible. You may have some problems when trying to get approved for a loan during any other period of the year.

In the second half of 2015 Taurus may count on having its revenues increase at the expense of some side jobs, new job and new opportunities. You may also expect some small winnings. However, don’t forget to pay your taxes since this particular expense will be quite burning for you all year long; unexpected mandatory expenditures may significantly damage your budget.  During May 13-June 24 the Taurus must be very careful with how they spend their money. At this time you’ll be prone to reckless spending and unnecessary purchases. Also, the risk of losing your wallet, accidentally blocking your credit card or breaking a rare valuable item is getting higher. Keep an eye on your belongings, money and valuables.
It’s better to make real estate deals until August 1, 2105. During the time between August 1 and September 6 it is advisable for you to stay away from acquiring real estate, buying furniture and doing renovations. You may face deceit and your investments may soon go “belly up”. You should choose the periods between January 28 and February 20, April 12 and May 7 as well as October 9 and November 8 for making large purchases.

Free Gemini Horoscope (May 21 to June 20)

2015 Free Horoscope related to Jobs, Love and Finances (Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces)
The year of 2015 can be described as dual similar to the very Zodiac sign of yours. The year can factually be divided into two equal halves: the first half is turbulent and energetic; the second is tranquil and homey. Despite the diametrically different nature of two periods, it is quite possible that this is exactly the reason why 2015 will be such a good match for you, dear Gemini, both in the spiritual and physical sense.

The first half of 2015 will seem crazy even to you, but it will be full of ardor and positive changes. You’ll probably notice that during this period of time while Jupiter is still in Leo, you’ll get increasingly interested in moving and changing your locale; you’ll suddenly feel like fully showcasing all of your ambivalent qualities: agility, communicability and high energy. At this time you will have a chance to go on the trip which you’ve never even dreamt of before. Fasten your seat belt and go for it! However, if you are still a youngster, during this period of 2015 you are quite likely to get yourself in trouble which may spoilt your biography and tarnish your reputation for the rest of your life. Certainly, it is not a secret that Gemini is accustomed to going against the wind, but is a passing weakness worth lengthy torment? Well, the young representatives of your Zodiac still have to face this dilemma and figure it out for themselves.

Also, the interesting point of the first half of 2015 is that you will be resolving an issue of having a car. This will mainly affect those of you who for one reason or another haven’t been able to realize your need for distant travels and new sights. At least your family will certainly be happy and relieved to learn that instead of traveling to the edge of the world you decide to travel shorter distances in your own vehicle. One way or another, those Gemini who have been dreaming of a car will finally be able to afford one in 2015 – this time you’ll have both money and desire to do so. Gemini car lovers will want to change their old vehicle to something new and not just your average new - it’ll have to be of high quality with all bells and whistles. After all, trips are supposed to be comfortable! Go ahead! Until August 2015 you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to get a reliable faithful “iron horse”.

In the second half of 2015, when the Gemini get bored with all the traveling excitement, they will suddenly feel like enjoying the quiet cozy atmosphere at home – this will be an absolutely natural craving. It should be added that no one expects such turn of events! A diametrical shift toward family values and comfort of your home is not characteristic of you especially after such an explosive start of 2015. Yet, many people, even though with great caution, will welcome you with open arms. During this period of time the Gemini will significantly improve their relations with their immediate social circle, spouses, parents and siblings.

The good-spirited atmosphere of the second half of 2015, nourishing family values and homey style, will have yet another interesting side effect which will be sure to please your close ones. First, many of the Gemini without their own home will want to get one and start looking at various options. Those of you who already own a piece of property will want to improve it: do some renovations, buy new appliances or refresh the interior. Each Gemini will certainly have their own way of realizing their ideas and dreams, but as a general trend the desire to make your home comfortable and cozy will engulf all representatives of your Zodiac. Second, your family may get larger in the second half of 2015. So, if you are expecting a stork to pay you a visit or just planning on inviting it over, it will be sure to stop by in the second half of 2015.

Gemini- Jobs and Career in 2015


Career issues that have been on Gemini’s mind for the past several years will finally move to the backburner in 2015. The load of responsibility that has been weighing hard on you will finally be lifted and you will be able to say that you truly enjoy your work instead of treating it as a penal servitude. Your relations with colleagues will significantly improve and if an idea of changing jobs has crossed your mind you can safely pursue it. However, you should keep in mind that the period of mid-June-mid-September is not good for starting a new job if you don’t want to start sending out your resume and having interviews shortly after again.
February, the first half of June and the month of December are the most favorable periods for finding an enjoyable job. You will be able to find a financially rewarding job in the periods of February 21-March 17 and May 8-June 6. The Gemini born any time between May 27 and May 30 may strongly feel like sitting in a manager’s chair; this is why all your wishes and thoughts will be preoccupied with a career development and professional advancement. However, before you do anything in that direction, you should give an honest answer to the question of whether or not you are ready to be responsible for the people who will be reporting to you. And if there is even a minor share of doubt, you should give up your intentions to avoid being badly disappointed in your new position.  Those Gemini who were born between June 4 and June 11 will be able to temporarily substitute a manager during 2015. You may also notice that you will be transferred from one department to another without giving you a chance to fully showcase your potential and be asked to perform the duties that you have not had anything to do with before. By agreeing to anther transfer to a different “perspective” department you should be ready to face the fact that very soon you’ll want to come back.  Many Gemini will not want to work for anyone and they will be generating ideas for their own business. You will be full of ideas; you’ll be surrounded by the supporters ready to help you both mentally and financially; and the success of your new endeavour will be based on solely your own zest and zeal. The Gemini-businessmen will notice that the capital turnover will increase; however, this won’t signify the increase in their personal revenues. Driven by new trends and ideas, you’ll be investing in new projects, exploring new markets; however, you shouldn’t expect large gains from new undertakings in short periods of times – there’s time for everything.


Gemini -Love and Relationships in 2015

During 2015 married Gemini will go through a “back-to-normal” period which will commence on June 15 and last till September 18; this is when you’ll be able to feel as if things got back to their track. Your relations will be full of fun, understanding, warmth and closeness. However,

 the fall will remind you of the old problems which presented themselves at the start of the year – they will torment you with renewed vigorousness. During this time you simply must be more tolerant, loyal and understanding of your partner. You should know that coldness in your relation doesn’t equal lack of love; it is just your partner’s inner problems that he is trying to solve alone. Now is the best time for your support and understanding.
2015 doesn’t promise quick marriages and easy relations to single Gemini. During the periods of July 9-July 31 and October 9-November 9 you must be very attentive to the newly emerging relations. They can bring you pain and disappointment in the future even though at the first glance they will seem full of passion, fire and attachment. And any time between August 1 and October 8 the relations that once died may resurrect; you may also meet the love of your life. This period is quite promising when it comes to love and romantic relations. And don’t miss out on opportunities to meet new people, have dates and make new acquaintances. Those of you who want their old love back can use this time since it is exactly on these days that they will have a chance to start things over with stronger feelings and new impressions.
Unfortunately, very few Gemini will be able to get married in 2015. But you, single Gemini, should not lose heart – you’ll have love and new romantic relations.

Gemini Money in 2015

 2015 Free Horoscope related to Jobs, Love and Finances (Detail Forecasts from Aeries to Pisces)

The Gemini may have a peaceful mind when it comes to tackling financial matters in 2015. There will hardly be any drastic changes in your financial wellbeing. One can say that your income level will stay the same as last year during the first half of 2015. However, in the second half of the year when Jupiter transitions to the Zodiac of Virgo you may feel lack of money since your expenses on your home and family will increase by a lot. During this time you are advised to refrain from taking serious steps towards looking for new revenue sources and finding a new job with higher paying salary – these steps may not please you. Stars give you a chance to re-energize rest and determine which activity is really profitable and which simply wastes your time. You’ll be able to see new financial perspectives once you analyze your life.

You should be extremely careful with your property and expenses during June 25-August 8. The risk of having valuables/savings lost or stolen is high. When setting off on a vacation trip during this time you must ensure security of your belongings. Watch your savings and don’t allow yourself to be extravagant. Expenses will significantly exceed revenues at this time. Real estate transactions should be conducted during September 7-the end of 2015; however, you should keep in mind that certain deals can become feasible even during the month of August, but because of retrograding Venus they opportunities may come and go unrealized. Besides, acquiring real estate starting in early September holds a promise of better financial conditions. During the time of August 1-September 6 you should avoid signing all financial documents since the risk of an insolvent deal will be too high. It is not advisable to buy transportation and go on distant trips, either. The Gemini-car owners may have higher than normal expenses associated with their vehicles. The best times for making larger purchases and investing money are from February 21 till March 17 and from May 8 till June 5.


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