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Thursday, January 10, 2013

All answers for Free Wonderlic Practice anTest Sample Questions (1-125)

All answers for Free Wonderlic Practice anTest Sample Questions (1-125)

Part 1-Answers Key 1-30


Question 1 = c

Question 2 = a

Question 3 = c

Question 4 = d

Question 5 = b

Question 6 = c

Question 7 = d

Question 8 = b

Question 9 = b

Question 10 = a

Question 11 = 17

Question 12 = March

Question 13 = $560

Question 14 = Not certain

Question 15 = 40 years old

Question 16=117

Question 17=1

Question 18=12

Question 19=a

Question 20=d

Question 21=b

Question 22=24

Question 23=b

Question 24=a

Question 25=b

Question 26=a, Have similar meanings. Both credit and credence can refer to a belief in the truth of something.

Question 27. b, Have opposite meanings. Vintage refers to something old, while novelty refers to something new.

Question 28. c, Have neither the same nor different meanings. To aspire to something is to set it as a goal, while a spire is the pointed top of a building, especially a church.

Question 29. b, Have opposite meanings. To produce something is to bring it into existence, while to reduce it is to take part of it out of existence.

Question 30. b, Have opposite meanings. To abstain from something is to refuse it, while to retain something is to keep it with oneself

Free-and-new-wonderlic-practice-test Questions 1-125


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