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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to get three FREE online security products in 2013 (McAfee Anti-Virus Plus)

How to get three FREE online security products in 2013 (McAfee Anti-Virus Plus)

Why is Online Security Important?

In order to truly understand why having Internet security system is important, you should first understand all of the threats that are out there in the virtual world. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the online risks that exist.



Also known as “Unauthorized Networking Access”, hacking is when someone attempt to steal online information without authorized permission. Keep in mind that a savvy hacker can get access to online accounts and as well as retrieve passwords for them. Once they have access to these accounts, they’ll be in full control and will be able to use it to their liking. Hackers can steal credit card information as well as wipe out your online bank account if they get passed your free Internet security.

Spamming and E-Mail Fraud

One of the more common Internet threats today is known as “Phishing”.  This is basically when someone attempts to steal your personal information via e-mails and instant messaging. Most of the time they will ask for more than just basic information- like bank account numbers and personal addresses. Once this information is acquired by the person behind it, he or she can use this information as they please. Sometimes they will sell this information to other hackers.


Others will simply use it for their own benefit. Spamming is another common tactic that would damage your privacy. If you’ve ever opened your e-mail box and saw hundreds of annoying messages regarding advertising then you already know what spamming is. Spammers are individuals who will also sell your personal information to other online agencies and as a result you’ll be bombarded with even more spam e-mails and messages

Here is information to get free online security products:

It is important that you take steps to protect your information on your personal computer. For this reason, Scotia bank is pleased to offer a suite of free security products & services to help you stay protected in 2013


1. McAfee Anti-Virus Plus for PC


McAfee AntiVirus Plus box cover

·         Up to a $59.99 value, McAfee Anti-Virus Plus for PC is free for a year.*

·         Detects, blocks and removes viruses from your PC

·         Blocks online intruders from hacking into your PC with 2-way Firewall

·         Helps you identify risky websites before you click with SiteAdvisor®1

·         Continuously protects you throughout your subscription with automatic updates

·         Learn more about McAfee Anti-Virus Plus for PC

·         Get it now

2. Trusteer Rapport anti-virus software and firewalls


Complements any anti-virus software and firewalls you may already have to create a protective bubble around your browser while using the Scotia Online website.

·         Ensures you are genuinely on our site - versus a fake site - even if your computer has a virus

·         Prevents your login ID, passwords, and other sensitive information from being stolen by malware and fraudulent websites

·         Protects your browser when communicating with our website and prevents malware from tampering with your transactions

Learn more about Trusteer Rapport

Learn more about Trusteer Rapport

Download for Windows or Mac


3. Scotia Info Alerts

Receive security alerts at no charge and stay up to date on your account by text message, email or both. Learn more about Scotia Info Alerts.
Security Alerts
These alerts are an added layer of protection and help you monitor activity on your Day-to-Day Banking and Scotiabank Credit Card/Line of Credit accounts.

For Day-to-Day Banking accounts, you can receive alerts for:

•ABM withdrawals
•Interac Debit transactions
•Interac e-Transfers
•Western Union Money Transfers
•Bill payments
For Scotiabank Credit Card accounts, you can receive alerts for:

•Purchases above an amount you choose
•Purchases without the Scotiabank Credit Card present (e.g., via online, telephone)
•Transactions outside of Canada
•Bill payments
For Line of Credit accounts, you can receive alerts for:

•Purchases above an amount you choose
•Bill payments

Register for Scotia Info Alerts




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