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Friday, October 11, 2013

How to find your friend or Lover Strong or Weak Points for long-lasting relationship or Love life

Friend/Lover Attribute for long-lasting friendship

This is my second blog on finding free Characteristic or personality of your friend or lovers for long-lasting friendship or Love life. In first part we learn the traits of birth signs:

Find your friend or lover strong or weak points for long-lasting relationship or Love life


In this blog you will see three more signs
By knowing more about Zodiac birth signs, you will know your friends or lover weak or strong point. This way you will adjust accordingly and you will have very cool and long lasting relationship.

Friend/Lover Attribute for long-lasting friendship



4rth -The Zodiac Birth Sign- CANCER

Born between-June 22-July 22
This zodiac birth sign's ruling planet - Moon
This zodiac birth sign's element - Water
This zodiac birth sign's astrology houses reference - Fourth House
This zodiac birth sign's keywords are Domesticity, Sensitivity, and Tenacity
This zodiac birth sign individuals range from being brilliant, affable and famous to apprehensive, shy, dull and withdrawn. They are generally homely beings, who love the comforts and security of their home. A Cancer people will usually be the most pampered one in the family.
1.      They are good listener and are caring by nature, with a streak of possessiveness.
2.      They are reliable, sincere, dedicated, and responsible and determined, by nature.
3.      They love traveling around and can be successful in the field of writing and poetry. Such individuals can get philosophical at times. 
4.      They are very moody and can get aggressive at times. However, they are usually devoted, faithful and loyal lovers.
5.      They are complex individuals; at certain times they come across as being very strong and resilient, and then at other times may display the vulnerability and dependency of a child.
6.      The moods of this zodiac birth sign are apt to shift without warning, and when in a sulk, they clam up and are not inclined to talk about what's bothering them

Friend/Lover Attribute for long-lasting friendship



5th -Zodiac Birth Sign- LEO

Born Between-July 23-August 22
This zodiac birth sign's ruling planet - Sun
This zodiac birth sign's element -Fire
This zodiac birth sign's astrology houses reference - Fifth House
This zodiac birth sign's keywords are Vitality, Authority, and Power

The zodiac sign of Leo is ruled by Sun. Leos are simple, down-to-earth people, who are clear about their desires and attain them with a lot of zeal and gusto. They are enthusiastic individuals, who have a creative bent of mind. Born leaders, they are known to be ambitious, courageous, strong-willed, positive, independent and self-confident.

1.      Leos are quite affable and have a pleasing nature. However, they can become short tempered, blunt and nasty, if aggravated.
2.      A Leo is generally noted to be good looking, with a healthy physique and a broad forehead.
3.      This zodiac sign does not like repetition. Once they see the point, they become quite impatient, and often obstinate, in discussions
4.      This zodiac birth sign's symbol is the Lion, which denotes majesty, power and dignity.
5.      This zodiac birth sign is strongly attracted to the opposite sex. Affections are worn for all the world to see, and males in particular will go to great lengths to woo and romance a woman, usually with some grand or generous gesture.
6.      This zodiac birth sign rules the heart; therefore Leos give of themselves abundantly through their time, money, and knowledge, with no thought of the self.

6th Zodiac Birth Sign- VIRGO

Born Between-August 23-September 22
This zodiac birth sign's ruling planet - Mercury
This zodiac birth sign's element- Earth
This zodiac birth sign's astrology houses reference - Sixth House
This zodiac birth sign's keywords are Discrimination, Methodical, and Service

This zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgos are typically characterized by their love for cleanliness. They have a knack for hygiene and an eye for detail, which makes them a perfectionist by virtue. They are conservative, with a rather reserved approach.

  1. People born under this zodiac birth sign are meticulous in their work, paying great attention to detail, and doing things carefully and efficiently.
  2. A Virgo individual expects a lot from others. They are often found to be unconvinced with work of others and try to pick mistakes each time.
  3. They have a pleasing personality and a shy nature and love to live by their own set of rules.
  4. Zodiac birth sign is of the element Earth, Virgos admire material progress. They like good food and are fond of comfort and good clothes.
  5. They appreciate things of beauty, are very tidy by nature and like to keep their surrounding highly clean.

  1. Zodiac birth sign is much too practical and intelligent to allow anyone to make martyrs of them. If demands upon them become unreasonable or excessive, they say "no" with conviction.


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